Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I woke up this morning with the taste of Tuesday still lingering. I refused to spend another day feeling rushed and frustrated though, so I said a prayer and made every effort to make today as low key as possible. 

Samm and James had dentist appointments this morning at 10:00 so we were able to take our time getting ready instead of the usual rush out the door to make the bus.

I took a shower and made myself feel human again. Sometimes that is all it takes. And Jenn, I guess this is a good time to tell you that I still have your shirt.

We changed the batteries in the carbon monoxide detector so the very loud beeping would stop.

For lunch we had my favorite, hummus and pita bread. And not just any hummus and pita bread. it has to be this hummus and pita bread! My friend Diana introduced me to Tribe hummus a while back and I will never buy another brand. I have to police Macy while she is eating it or the whole tub will be gone.

Taking a shower was the first must do on my list for today and tackling the basement was the second.

Some day I will have a craft room. For now I have this messy little corner. Although right this minute it is pretty nice and tidy. 

The tornado of James ran through the house right on schedule. One day his poor wife is going to wonder why in the world his mother never taught him how to clean up after himself. I'VE TRIED!!!

I was supposed to have a hair appointment at 7:30, so we made sure to eat dinner early and get the kids all ready for bed. At 7:00 she called to reschedule and truth be told I was glad. It was nice to have a relaxed evening with the family. Josh turned on Jeopardy and the kids all came running. I find it amusing that they don't understand 99% of the questions, but they love the show. The category was 2 word rhymes. Anyone know the answer?

7:56 pm. Sheets washed and bed made!

8:00 kids in bed.


The End.

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Amy said...

I sure wish I had had the sense to say a prayer this morning to keep MYSELF low key. This day has been a total nightmare for me. I am so overwhelmed and stressed. I haven't done ONE thing to the house and dinner was a freezer meal (which Freddy has been snacking on for the past 2 hours!!!!! WHY THIS BOY CANNOT JUST SIT DOWN AND EAT I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND!)

Tomorrow I will follow your example and just allow myself to chill out.

Anonymous said...

Presses dresses. Lovin this week thing.

Sally said...

Thanks for all your comments Amy! I really appreciate you sharing a little bit about your day that way. Hang in there. The dark cave of newborn life doesn't last forever.

Sally said...

Betty Rollins you are a smarty pants! You win jeapordy!

melissa said...

Looks like you all had a good day. I also have a little tornado called Paisley. I'm amazed at the messes she makes in no time at all. I also liked the picture of Samm and Macy at the dentist.

Jenn said...

I'm pretty sure that's not the only shirt of mine you still have. :)

I still haven't had a day where it worked out that I rememberd to take pictures and document my day. Maybe tomorrow. But it's been really fun seeing yours.

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