Monday, April 30, 2012


Good morning sunshine! This is actually one of my better bedhead days, so I can't complain too much. What I will complain about though are mornings in general. They make me really grouchy! 

This morning was especially hard because James had three sheets of homework due today that I had procrastinated all weekend making him do. And that blue folder on the table is Samm's Friday folder that I was just seeing for the first time. Ya, I'm not a good homework mom. I hate it just as much as the kids do.

James happens to be pretty good at math thankfully, so he and Samm didn't have any trouble getting off to the bus on time, all happy with their umbrellas. I think it's supposed to rain all week. Blah! I need some sunshine and warmer weather.

After we had been back inside for only a few minutes we heard a very exciting sound. The garage door.

Josh was on call last night, which means after their early morning meeting, he got to come home for the rest of the day. I always feel bad for him when he is on call especially when it's a rough night and he doesn't get much sleep, but it's so nice to have back up the next day.

Laila's breakfast spot. She wasn't very happy about the bananas I was trying to feed her. She has texture issues already and banana baby food is kind of slimy.

My breakfast this morning was good. Don't judge! 

 Laila's first tooth broke through last week and she must have another one working it's way up because this is all she did today. Even when I was holding her, which is not normal. It made for a very long day.

She does love the little fuzzy blanket that I made her, but even it didn't work for more than a few seconds at a time.

Sadly most days off aren't really days off at all. Josh worked on a lecture all morning. At least the super hero princess was happy to play downstairs by herself while I took a shower since she wasn't down their alone.

Um, this was my bedroom at approximately 9:30. Moving on...

Since Laila had gone down for a nap and Macy was downstairs playing instead of in the bathroom with me I decided to go all out this morning and not only wash my hair (won't happen again all week) but I decided to trim up my layers. I think that is part of what has been causing my bad hair month. That and the color. I can't quite tackle that yet though because I want to go blond again, but it takes too long to do it myself and not only am I too cheap to pay someone else to do it, but that would also require me to be able to leave the house alone without a baby attached to my hip. Someday!

And, not that it really matters, but when I do wash my hair I usually diffuse it and let it do it's crazy wavy thing. Then the next day I curl it and the day after that I let it be second day curly/wavy. By the fourth day it's usually looking pretty sad so I spray in some dry shampoo and curl it again and that lasts me another day or two when I'm forced to wash it again.

Macy's playing by herself didn't last very long, and she suddenly needed to have her nails painted.

Laila's nap didn't last very long either.

Finally ready for the day at 11:30. That's pretty good for us!

OK, mostly ready. Laila decided that she wasn't going to wait another second for lunch.

Lunch time with the kids is always really hard for me for some reason. I run out of ideas of what to feed them. Today Macy asked for ramen noodles and since it was super fast I said yes. She also always insists on sitting next to the stove and helping, no matter what I'm cooking. She is my doer this one. I love that about her, but sometimes I JUST WANT TO POUR THE MILK MYSELF!

Laila was completely falling apart at this point so I just stuck her back in bed and I was actually able to sit down at the computer for a few minutes while I had some rice cooking for me and Josh. The fridge is looking pretty bare right now so there weren't a lot of lunch options unless I was willing to go with ramen noodles, which I was not.

After lunch is always Macy and mom play time. I realized not too long ago that there were so many days that I never once got down on the floor to play with her, but I had managed to turn on cartoons for her so I could work on projects. I decided we really needed to make a change, so now there is a lot less TV and a lot more puzzles and games. Mom play time is the one thing that Macy never forgets to remind me about each day.

She even coaxed dad in for a very stacked deck game of Candy Land.

At 2:30 I finally got dressed all the way so we could head to Kroger.  

They had a lot of samples out today. And a great deal on ground Turkey, if you live in the area.

The entire reason behind out little outing. 

After the store, Samm and James came back home and my sanity and patience flew right out the window.

Halfway through making dinner I yelled at all of the kids and told them to "get downstairs and don't even think about coming back up until I call for you or you won't get any dinner!"

On a much happier note, we had cheese soup for dinner. Always a crowd pleaser. I doubled the recipe and there was hardly enough left to save for lunch tomorrow. I saved that little bit anyway though, because you just don't dump cheese soup down the drain.

After dinner things calmed down a little bit and we even had a fun impromptu talent show for family night. And then Laila pooped in the bathtub, but I didn't think you wanted to see a picture of that. I recorded the talent show mostly so the grandparents could see it, but there seems to be an error with it and my technical support has already gone to bed. Maybe if I can get it working tomorrow I will post it a day late.

So anyway, last night as I was thinking about doing this, I was really excited about it and thought it would be great, I just wasn't sure how much I would have to take pictures of. Ironically, I ended up taking a ton of pictures today but kept thinking "this is so boring, no one wants to see this." I hope it wasn't too boring for you though, and I would really love to see what your day looks like if you are willing to invite us in. If you do decide to join me, just leave a comment with a link to your blog.

Why am I giving you a play by play of my day? Read Here.


Amy said...

I'm grateful to hear that sometimes you feed your kids ramen noodles and that your room was not perfectly picked up and that you yelled at your children to LEAVE YOU ALONE.

I'm not alone!

Kate said...

This was fun to read. Maybe I will do it one day this week... I'll let you know if I can pull it off.

And I don't tell you often enough (because I'm too lazy to comment) that I love your blog and your writing. can't wait to read the rest of the week. and I'm totally jealous that you can get away without washing your hair! wow. awesome timesaver!

and now it's 11:30 and I'm going to hate myself when I have to get up to run at 6. dumb kate

Jenn said...

I think my favorite picture was the "it's 11:30 and we are finally read"...."almost". That is totally me! I said I was going to do this with you but it was too late to start yesterday so I'm going to try for today. I may not do every day this week but we'll see. That was fun though. I enjoyed it and look forward to the rest of the week!

Seth and Julie said...

I love it! I may copy if I ever get around to it. I am also jealous that you can go that many days without a hair washing. About a year ago I went from every day to every other and I still feel icky sometimes. Love your breakfast and admit that I ate cookies for breakfast yesterday too. And I also love the scheduled mommy time with Macy. I am not a get on the floor mom either so that is a great idea.

Kory Jane said...

Oh I am so going to do this tomorrow. What a great idea. I also feel lonely sometimes but I have to force myself onto others. I am leaving my blog address on here so if someone wants to see how crazy my days can be they can. I took for granted in Tulsa when our families lived close. I think our kids would have grown up the best of friends.

Kory Jane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kory Jane said...

So I am losing my mind... Here is my blog page.

Natalie said...

I say terrific self control on stopping at two cookies for breakfast. I probably would have six. Loved this post. I think the "Macy and Mom time" is a really cool idea.

It's nice to know that people are human and living normal lives. I don't know how you do it all!

Natalie said...

Do you have a recommendation for dry shampoo? Does it smell good? Really, I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

I think that your breakfast was "The Breakfast of Champions". I loved your blog but then I always have.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm is Josh sportin a purse?

Sally said...

Natalie- The only brand of dry shampoo that I've been able to find is Dove. It is with their other shampoo but comes in a can like hairspray and it doesn't smell bad at all. I really like it!

Betty- Yes, Josh is manly enough to carry the diaper bag for me!

Kory- I'm so glad your doing this with me. I can't wait to see your pictures!

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