Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabulous Friday: How To Tie A Scarf

I love this time of year; when the weather turns cold and it's time to trade in my shorts for pants and my T's for lucious layers of warmth!

I put a scarf on yesterday for the first time this season and it made me so happy. I've always been a fan of the scarf. It's a fun and stylish way to keep me just a little extra warm (which believe me living out here in the Colorado Rockies I definately need)! But, what made me even more happy this time around is that I was shown a new way to tie my scarf and I am in love with it!!

Thanks to my fashion forward friend Ashley for showing this to me only weeks ago so that I can now share it with all of you.

Start by folding your scarf in half lenghthwise then wrap around your neck so that the fold hangs on one side making a loop and the two ends hang on the other:

Next, take the inner loose end and put it through the loop going from the inside (closest to your body) out:

Now take your other loose end and put it through the loop the opposite way, going from the outside of the loop in toward your body:

Finish it off by tightening everything up to your neck. It should look like this:

Now you have the option of leaving it hanging in the middle, moving the knot to the side (my personal favorite), or placing the knot on your shoulder and drapping one end to the front of you and one end down the back.

Cute right?

Now Bundle up and "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" (That was me singing for you. Thank goodness there's no sound!)


Sally said...

Now I need a cute scarf!

Steph and Brock said...

very cute! thanks.

Spencer and Camille said...

That is way cute.. now I know how to tie my scarf this winter! :) Thanks for the tip!

Janelle. said...

Why thank you Jenn! I have some scarves and today I asked Shaun "how do I even tie a scarf?" (I'm obviously a rookie) and he said, "Well....I just saw it on cousin Jenn's blog." And now here I am with a cute scarf around my neck now :) Thank you!

Danielle said...

Oh that is super helpful!! Thanks. I'm totally going to do it.

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