About the Authors

We're just two sisters who happen to also be best friends. We're wives and mothers, and we believe that being a Woman is a beautiful gift! Too many times though we've found ourselves comparing ourselves to all those other beautiful women (including each other) and their seemingly perfect lives, wishing we could be like them. Now we are learning to be happy with our strengths that make us shine and our weaknesses that force us to try harder every day. And, no matter our differences, we just want to be the best that we as individuals can possibly be. So, we've put our heads, talents, creativity, and knowledge together to bring you this blog in hopes that you will also learn to shine where you do and keep working on being the very best you. Just remember, don't compare yourself to us. Your you for a reason!

Jenn - I grew up in southern Oregon in a family of seven kids. After high school I reluctantly went off to college (it's embarrasing to admit but I was not excited about leaving home!) at BYI-Idaho where I called home crying almost every day for three weeks until I met Chris, my I-didn't-know-it-at-the-time-but-soon-to-be husband. Ten years and 3 kids later we are living on a cattle ranch in Colorado and loving it!
Now I'm a stay at home mom which is what I always hoped I'd be doing at this point in my life. I love life, my family, slippers, brain teasers, chocolate chip cookies, and just being me. I enjoy reading, crafting, blogging (of course!), style and fashion, and occassionally, cooking. My life's ambition is to one day overcome my fear of heights. For now I'm perfectly happy with two feet firmly planted on the ground.  

Sally - So obviously since were sisters I also grew up in southern Oregon. I am the second oldest of our seven kids, which makes me the bossy older sister. I loved growing up in a big family, but unlike Jenn , I was halfway out the door months before I even left for college. And I'm pretty sure she had half of her stuff moved into my room long before I ever left the house. I met my husband Josh for the first time a few short days after I arrived in Idaho, a few months later we started dating, and that summer I got married at the incredibly young age of 18. It turned out to be the best decision of my life! 13 years and 4 kids later we are living in Michigan while my husband does his residency in Orthopedic surgery. I like little bits of everything, but I love sewing and making jewelry. Friday night family movie nights are my favorite, and when I grow up I want to be a dancer. Until then, I'm a hairdresser.

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