Friday, July 6, 2012

{How To} Remove Watermelon Stains

It's summer time! And you know what that means. Time for sweet, juicy, delicious watermelon! Its my girls favorite time of year. I swear they could each eat an entire watermlon on their own. They absolutely love it.

I happen to be a fan as well. Who isn't!? (Okay, I'm sure there are some of you out there.....) What I don't like is the mess and the stains. Oh, the stains! Grrr. Watermelon stains are the worst! They used to give me nightmares (picture giant watermelons with legs chasing after me yelling "I want that white shirt!").  Seriously. I hated giving my girls watermelon.  That is until my totally awesome sister-in-law Alicia (who you can also thank for the honey butter recipe) came to my rescue.  She gave me this totally awesome stain removal recipe for watermelon (and other fruit juice) stains. And it actually works! I even used it on an old stain and the shirt was like new!
So to help make your summer a little more stress free I'm going to share the recipe with all of you. Are you ready for this?!

How To Remove Watermelon Stains

1. Hand wash garment with dish soap (like dawn). This removes the sugars.
2. Lay garment on flat surface and pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stains. Let soak for 5-10 minutes.
3. Rub vinegar over the peroxide and let stand a few minutes.
4. Wash garment in washing machine as you normally would.

BAM! Stain Gone! How awesome is that?! Now go enjoy that watermelon!

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Sally said...

This could have saved so many cute shirts in the past! At least I know I won't have to throw away any more.

Christie said...

I completely understand... I am evil and don't buy watermelon because of the stain. I usually use oxiclean to soak my daughters clothes in, but I hate that they fade so I try not to use it. Quick question though hydrogen peroxide will alter the color of her clothes too, right?

Jenn said...

I guess all I have to go on is my own experience and for me, No, it did not alter the color of the clothes. If you are worried, maybe try leaving it on for only a minute or two. Or try it on something you don't care about first.

Jennifer Lew-Andrews said...

Thank you for this tip! My girls love watermelon--this will save so many shirts this summer. :)

Anonymous said...

I usually pour boiling water over watermelon juice on clothes and it has always worked WONDERFULLY. However, my 2 year old just got watermelon juice on a beautiful turquoise dress that has a plastic lining under the toole and I was afraid the boiling water would melt it, so I'm trying your method. I only left the peroxide on 2 minutes in case it bleached the dress out. It didn't come out all the way after I washed it (enough that no one would have seen it, though) but I left it out in the sun for a couple hours and now I can't see the spots! It didn't bleach the dress at all either. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Worked for me! I just did this because Shout and All did not work but I followed your instructions and all the watermelon stains are completely gone off my sky blue t-shit!

Thank you so much!!!

Bef said...

I'm so happy your solution popped up in my Google search result. It worked perfectly. My granddaughter came home from preschool in a darling new dress. I never thought about watermelon staining but when my Tide stick made no difference I started to panic. I tried Spray and Wash and then peroxide alone. After reading your solution I rinsed and put the peroxide on for 25 minutes (forgot it)then topped with vinegar for about 5 minutes, rinsed and stain. Thank you, thank you!!

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