Thursday, May 3, 2012


I came downstairs this morning to a game of Clue, gone bad. "They didn't let me have a turn to guess!" Macy was so hysterical I had to pick up three cards and put them into the envelope so she could have a turn to guess. Not before showing her the cards first of course so that she would get it right.

We also did not have any clean spoons in the silverware drawer, and I guess eating with a ladle was easier than opening the dishwasher.

Samm almost had a meltdown when I told her that I had to have a turn to brush her hair because it still looked tangled, but it diffused pretty quickly and I was able to get her and James out the door without anyone stomping their feet or whining, or yelling. Success for us.

Since everyone was in a good mood and Laila was even sitting on the floor playing I decided to toast and bagel and sit down to read a little. Before I had even taken one bite of the bagel, Macy was asking for half of it and Laila was doing her work up to crying hand twirl. I could tell Laila was just tired still so I stuck her back in bed and managed to read one article before jumping in the shower.

Usually when I take a shower Macy just comes up to the bathroom with me and rummages through the cupboards and plays in the sink until I get out, but sometimes I try and distract her with toys or games so I can have a few minutes to be completely alone. This morning she wanted her Moon Dough. Don't ever buy Moon Dough!

Even after the mess, I still didn't get to take a shower in silence. I think she crumpled it all over the table and floor and then came running right up. Oh well. It was a quick get ready day anyways. We got invited to meet a group of friends at the park today since the weather was Gorgeous so I did something that I hardly ever do, and put my hair up. I payed for it with a headache later, but it was worth it to help keep me cool. (this picture was taken after the park so it's a little wind blown) We had such a great time with friends! Thanks for inviting us!

It's not so easy to take a picture of the back of your own head I discovered.

And let me ask you all this. "At what point do you become too old for pink camo capris?" I found them at the bottom of my drawer this morning and I was so excited that they still fit that I decided to wear them even though I probably should have put them in my Good Will pile instead.

Spring means dirty sandal feet!

And pink cheeks and Popsicles.

If my sandal feet were to tell a story they would say "I'm a mom and my kids come first." In my former life, I would never have set foot outside the house with toes as awful looking as mine. It just seems like painting my toenails is always number fifteen on a ten max item list.

 Thursday evenings are busy right now because of swimming lessons. The older two kids both know how to swim, but none of them have ever taken official lessons until now. And I'm totally going to mom brag because Macy is strides ahead of the other kids. It's hard to tell from the picture, but she does actually have a floaty thing attached to her waist. All the other kids have the floaty thing plus insist on using a noodle and some of them still are afraid to get in the water. She even swam to the other end of the pool and back all by herself. And of course proudly proclaimed herself the winner upon returning because she always has to win! She is most definitely her daddy's daughter.

Normally after swimming lessons I rush everyone home to get into bed as soon as possible, because I've had enough and need some quiet time, but today we had to go to Target afterwards because James spent his own $10 on some night vision spy glasses from Scholastic, but somewhere between getting the box at school and bringing them home he lost three of the four batteries that are required and I promised him yesterday that we would go today after school to get new ones, forgetting that it was swim lesson day. Of course Target didn't have the ones we needed. We also had to pick up a birthday present for one of James' friends though so they trip wasn't a complete waste. Getting James to just picks something is never an easy task

How is it possible that I ended up with two of the most un-girly girls on the planet? All they want to do is run around with boys and get dirty. And watch/play Bey Blades. There is still hope for Laila.

Then we made it  home just before the thunderstorm. I love the smell of rain.

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Kory Jane said...

I had good intentions of doing this but fell short this week. I am hoping to start on Monday and copy your idea. I love your post and look forward to them every day. I just need to remember to take my camera with me.

Amy said...

yesterday I woke up and before even getting out of bed I prayed and meditated. IT WAS A MUCH BETTER DAY. Burgess was home from work so I went to the store by myself and got what I needed to finish planting. I planted 4 herbs, strawberries, bell peppers and jalapeno's. I hope they work out! Freddy went to bed early and Henrik decided not to have a grouchy hour. I was still tired be the end of the day and so I didn't clean but promised myself I would do it guess what I am going to go do?

melissa said...

It has been fun reading your blogs and seeing what we or our children have in common. I love that you wore the capris and that Macy is competitive, that is one thing my girls usually are not!

Seth and Julie said...

Moon Dough is the devil! Another fun post and I also meant to copy but this week has been completely insanely busy so maybe a more normal only partly insanely busy week would be better.

Jenn said...

You are never too old for pink camo capris!....well, okay maybe at some point you will be...but not yet.
It looked like a good day. I wonder though, how early do your kids wake up. It must be pretty early if they have time to play a game of Clue before school, right? And also, I'm impressed they even know how to play Clue.

Sally said...

Jenn, they usually wake up around 7:00. They are supposed to start getting ready for school right away but they always get distracted. They only sort of know how to play clue so I'm sure they didn't play a whole game.

Anonymous said...

The pictures at the store are priceless! Clue is one of Linne's favorite games, he NEVER white anything down. I have pictures for my Thursday, just need the time. Love your posts.

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