Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Behavior Revisited

For every day the last few months that I have dreamed of lazy summer days, there were just as many days that I was dreading it. On the one hand I wouldn't have to wake up to an alarm every morning to make lunches and get everyone on the bus with the right shoes for gym or books to return to the library. On the other hand, it would be endless days of three children annoying each other and fighting because they were bored. Last summer was particularly long for us (my kids were out of school for an extra month!) and after some behavior problems from my son this year (remember this post) I wasn't really sure what to expect.

Just this past Saturday we were driving in the car as a family and my husband said to me "Have you noticed how much better James' behavior has been lately?"

I really hadn't thought stopped long enough to think about it, but it is true. Where I used to ask for help and either be completely ignored or told "I don't want to!" I usually hear "OK mom."

And even though I have implemented several changes like trying to do more Love and Logic techniques and following though on my threats of punishment. The big change has really taken place since we started our good behavior jars.

I can't say enough about how anyone dealing with a less than cooperative child should try this. It really is true that a little bit of positive reinforcement is so much more effective than any punishment.

Suddenly summer isn't looking so bad!

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