Friday, July 1, 2011

Beads Mark The Spot {Tutorial}

I know I don't have to say it again but here it is. I love to read. And since reading holds a special place in my heart what better way to celebrate that than to show you all a tutorial on how to make my favorite bookmark.

Here's what you'll need:

waxed linen (found by the jewelry wire and cord)
1 charm
beads of various shapes, sizes, and colors

Start by measuring your book and adding about 4-5 inches. Times that amount by 4 and that is how long you need to cut your waxed linen.

 After you've cut your linen to the right size fold it in half. Take your charm and thread it on one side and slide it down to the center where your linen has been folded in half.
 Tie a knot just above your charm to hold it in place.
 Add a bead or two by threading through both pieces of linen at the same time. Tie a knot just above that to secure it.
 Next add two or three small beads, again threading through both pieces. These will be what adjust the size of your bookmark.
 Threading through both pieces still, add a variety of beads about 3 inches long. You can make it any way you want. Sometimes I make a pattern and sometimes I just add beads. (A Side note that I can't forget to mention is that your beads will need a big enough center to thread through both pieces of waxed linen and sometimes that can be difficult to find. Don't get discouraged. Those beads are out there!) Once you've got your beads on tie a knot at the very bottom to keep all of your beads from coming off.
 Done! See, wasn't that easy? And no fancy tools required. Now to put it on your book: Open your book to about half way. Take your book mark in your hand and separate the two pieces of linen in between your two small beads and your 3" length of beads. Put one side of your book where you've opened it up in between the two pieces of linen with the 3" beads being at the bottom of the book and your two small beads at the top. Slide the small beads down to the top of the book until your book is secured tightly in between the linen. You should have an extra length hanging down with a charm on it. This is your bookmark. (mine is hard to see but it's on the left side). Now your book mark is securely in place all the time and all your have to do is move the charm from page to page to mark your place.
 I love it because my bookmark never gets lost. Plus it looks pretty cute which is an added bonus.
 By the way, if you haven't read Charlie St. Cloud yet DO IT! It's a great book. And if you already saw the movie, read the book anyway. It's way better!
 I hope I was able to make that all make sense. How to put it on the bookmark is the hardest part. If anyone needs further explanation let me know. I'd be glad to give it another try.

Happy reading!

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Sally said...

Loved that book! I actually listened to it on a road trip instead of reading it myself, but I'm pretty sure that still counts.

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