Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Behavior Jars

First of all let me apologize for being so late with this post today. After trying to log in last night and all morning without any luck I finally gave up and went to run errands. Sometimes I really don't love Blogger. And secondly, I really want to thank you all again for your great advice from THIS post. I read all the comments several times and after talking to several other of my Mom friends I decided the first thing we needed to do was stop focusing on his negative behavior so much and really praise him when he does listen. I also obtained a copy of Love and Logic from a friend and I am excited to get into it.

A lot of people suggested sticker charts for good behavior, but I'm really not a chart person at all. I hate creating them and for some reason we always forget about them after a week. I like the idea of them though, because the kids actually get to see their progress, so instead of a chart I decided to go with jars that they can put glass stones in and still see how they are progressing.

I picked up these three jars from Michaels and unfortunately they were not on sale so I ended up paying five dollars a jar which I normally would never do. I was in such a hurry to get started with them though that I didn't want to wait. I also had to buy a bag of decorative stones for another six dollars, but the vinyl letters I already had at home so at least one part of them was free. I actually debated between the stones and something soft like those craft puff ball things, but since they are on top of the piano in our living room, I wanted something that could blend in as decor.

Even though it's only been a couple of days the jars are filling up pretty quickly. And the reward for getting the jars filled up is a date with Mom or Dad to get a doughnut, that way we can give lots of stones for good behavior and not worry about breaking the bank.

Thanks again for all your help!


Anonymous said...

What a great and beautiful idea. I think you are such a great mom and of course you know how I feel about Josh. Remember to include your Heavenly Father with your concerns. He is always there. I love you Sally.

Jennifer said...

Great idea with the letters on the jars. I cant wait to try it this week when my little guy goes back to school. Also, what about bad behavior. My son is 8 and always saying booty booty and sexy booty. It's so embarrassing. What do you suggest.

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