Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Problems Solved

I love when an idea about how to solve a problem just suddenly pops into my head! What I don't love is when I realize that the solution to my problem was something the rest of the world probably figured out a long time ago and I feel a little less smart. So, for the sake of me not feeling dumb, we are going to pretend like none of you have ever thought of this before. Got it?

OK, so a few days ago my husband and I were discussing canned peaches. Specifically the ones down in our food storage. (It would makes sense if you heard the entire conversation) basically what it came down to was me saying "And what am I supposed to do with canned peaches? The kids won't eat them." Well, the next morning I was making a smoothie for breakfast and suddenly realized that all I had was half a banana, three small strawberries and some spinach. Not exactly enough to make a filling smoothie. So, remembering our conversation from the night before I went and got a can of peaches and added a few to the blender. The smoothie turned out great, but I still had half a can of peaches left over. Suddenly, I thought about a friend of mine who makes her own baby food and freezes it in an ice cube tray. Genius! I can puree the peaches, freeze them, and then just drop a few in when I need them.

I hurried and threw the rest of the peaches plus one other can into the blender and then into ice cube trays. And, as it turns out, if I offer my children canned peaches, they turn up their noses. However, if I puree said peaches and freeze them into cubes, they are suddenly edible. Of course!

Alright. Are you still with me? OK, so after my first batch of peach cubes was done, I was getting ready to do a second batch, when the next idea hit me. I'm always throwing out the last of my spinach because I never use it fast enough, and because the containers are HUGE! So, why not solve that problem also.

Ta Da! Remember, you've never thought of this before!

I might have been a little bit giddy as I was explaining what I was doing to my husband, and since my husband has serious spinach issues which date back to childhood, he thought I was CRAZY.

Now, as if this silly post about frozen canned peaches wasn't long enough already, it's about to get longer.

See, in the 12 years that I have been married, I have never had a freezer that makes ice. I have to make it myself. Poor me, I know. Anyway, it's really not that big of a deal since the only thing I use ice for normally is to cool down my kids' bowls of Ramen noodles. occasionally though I do need ice for some other purpose and it always happens that I pull out the ice cube trays and there are crumbs all over the ice. How do crumbs get in the freezer!!! It grosses me out. So, I dump the ice into the sink and refill the trays and then they sit there un-used for weeks until I pull them out again only to discover the crumbs.

So, as I am making my awesome canned peaches and spinach ice cubes, I realize that there is this equally awesome invention called freezer bags to put frozen things in. You know, like ice cubes so they don't get crumbs on them.

Ya, that one only took me 12 years to figure out. 12!!!

Now, feel free to laugh at me in your head, but remember, in writing, this is totally revolutionary!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Josh was traumatized with spinach at his Grandma Rollins house when he was young. I guess there are some things you never forget!

Seth and Julie said...

I have never thought to use canned peaches in a smoothie, or pureed and frozen them, or frozen spinach (does it freeze well?), or stored ice in freezer bags. I have an ice maker but I am still having a why didn't I think of that moment. Then you not only eliminate crumbs but can have more ice ready then if you just relied on the trays. Good ideas all over the place and I promise I had never heard of any of them.

Jenn said...

I can't believe your kids don't eat canned peaches! My girls will eat an entire can for breakfast. No exaggeration. I haven't tried freezing my spinach before...good idea. I'm excited to try it.

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