Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's 10:00 pm

and my living room looks like this!
It's just one of about five rooms that have been torn apart from top to bottom. And of course instead of cleaning it up, I'm blogging about it. It's a lot more fun!
I have mixed feelings about school starting again. My kids have had an extra long summer due to two unexpected trips in May, so in some ways I am REALLY ready for a cleaner, quieter house. At the same time though, I love listening to my oldest daughter round up her brother and sister to put on a circus with her.
(Just one of the many games that contributed to today's tornado.)
I'm always anxious when a new school year starts also because I never know how well my son is going to do. He doesn't love school like his older sister and a teacher that doesn't "get" him makes for a really miserable year.
Fingers crossed for a good year!
 Time to tackle the dishes.


Anonymous said...

I hope James gets a good teacher this year! Good luck with the mess, it's worth it when the kids are getting along and having fun though!

Anonymous said...

Josh was the same way and then one year he got Mrs. Stevens, she made all the difference in the world! After that, things were much better. It's amazing what one teacher can do.

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