Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Clothing is Always an Option

I was just about to start complaining today about how hot and miserable I am when I remembered that last year at this time I was 8 months pregnant...I have nothing to complain about any more! 

Except maybe for the fact that instead of relaxing at the lake I'm spending all my time sewing hundreds of beads onto a dress that my oldest daughter Samm is only going to wear for 10 minutes. That's what moms do though right? And some day, when she's all grown up and finds herself spending hours on end sewing beads onto a dress for her own daughter, she will realize just how much she is loved.

So, until next week when we can get to the lake, we are surviving the heat with a clothing optional policy.

Don't worry, I choose to keep mine on... Mostly!

1 comment:

Seth and Julie said...

I am excited to see the dress and you are right, one day she will totally get how much she means to you.

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