Friday, January 6, 2012

Easy Cupcakes & Frosting

This year for my daughters 4th birthday we had a Fancy Nancy themed party. I wasn't adventurous enough to get too fancy with the decorating (which would have been so fun) and games but I decided the least I could do was make my own cupcakes. I found this really easy recipe from Our Best Bites that was "part from scratch" and used an easy frosting recipe from my sister-in-law and this is what we got:

 As you may or may not know Fancy Nancy loves everything pink and purple and over the top fancy. I was given instruction on the proper way to frost a cupcake (so it looks like it came from a bakery) but that is WAY too much frosting for me. I still think they turned out cute though.

Cupcake Recipe: EASY WHITE CAKE from Our Best Bites

Frosting Recipe:

1 part butter
2 parts cream cheese
3 parts powdered sugar

I found that the frosting blended best in my kitchen aid rather than trying to use a hand mixer. To color your frosting I was told its best to use a color paste (I found it in the bakery section at Walmart) rather than using food coloring. FYI: a pea size amount of paste was PLENTY to color the frosting. I then used the Wilton tip # 1M with a frosting bag to frost the cupcakes. I started in the center and worked my way out. To make extra fancy cupcakes start in the center, work your way out, then work your way back in to the center. Decorate as desired.


Natalie said...

So glad you guys are back to posting on TBM. The cupcakes and the whole party in general looked so adorable (I checked out the pictures from your other blog of course).

On another note, I hope you're planning on posting lots of pictures of your house remodel. We may not get to see it in person anytime soon, so I guess we'll have to settle for pictures, for now, so please take lots of pictures with your fancy new camera! :)

Best Cupcakes said...

These are very moist and tasty cupcakes. They taste a little more artificial, but they are still delightful. The frosting was whipped very thin while the cake itself was relatively firm and dense. Thanks for sharing the recipe of these colorful cupcakes.

Sally said...

The cupcakes look fantastic! The whole party looked like it was a little girl's dream. Where did you get your cupcake holder?

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