Monday, May 30, 2011

Yummy Home Made Salsa

Guess who's camera is broken AGAIN? Yep, just two months after I paid $100 bucks to have the lens fixed it is having the same exact problem. I can't take a single picture and I'm not all happy about it. Good thing I took these pictures a while ago in anticipation of one day posting about my Mexican side. OK, I don't actually have any Mexican in me, but if I had to pick just one type of food to eat for the rest of my life it would be anything in a tortilla or anything that looks pretty on a plate next to one. Preferably topped with cilantro!

My husband doesn't exactly share my same enthusiasm for all foods south of the border, but he doesn't mind eating it occasionally. The one thing he does love is salsa. I used to buy the nasty jarred stuff for him and he liked it just fine, but then one day I got a recipe from my friend Heidi for home made salsa and we have never gone back. I don't think I could get him to eat the store bought kind now if I paid him.

I know there are plenty of recipes out there for home made salsa but honestly I've never wanted to try any other ones because we like this one so much. I'm pretty sure you will love it too.

Here is what you need...

2 Large cans (29 oz) of whole peeled tomatoes, drained

1 Can (14.5 oz) Petite diced tomatoes, drained

1/2 Bunch of Cilantro

1 Stalk of green onions

1 Jalapeno with or without seeds

2 TBS Minced garlic

2 tsp Salt

2 tsp Pepper

1 tsp Italian seasoning

1 tsp Crushed red peppers (1/2 tsp for less kick)

1-2 Shakes cumin

1-2 Shakes oregano

Roughly chop cilantro and green onions and place in your blender. Add the rest of the ingredients on top EXCEPT the petite diced tomatoes. Blend well. Add the drained diced tomatoes and stir with a spoon. Or, if your husband hates chunks in his salsa just blend it all.

Enjoy your salsa with tortilla chips (we prefer hint of lime) or on top of just about anything. It would be great with Jenn's Fiesta Lime Chicken!

On Friday I will show you how I use it to make easy Spanish Rice.


Jenn said...

LOVE this stuff! You seriously have to try it people! It's the best. It's great too because you can adjust the heat of it simply by adding more or less of the jalepeno (the seeds are what give it kick, fyi).

Anonymous said...

I will second that! It is the best. I even have cilantro growing in my garden. Just reading about it has made me want it. Try it people!!!

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