Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Believe in Art

You'll have to forgive me a little personal blogging today. (And maybe a little bragging) My oldest daughter took part in a talent show at church last night. The girls are all between the ages of 8 and 11 so it was not the type of talent show you attend to be wowed with amazing talent, although many of the girls are on the way to being great piano players and singers. It was an even better kind. It was the kind of talent show that sparkled with pride. The parents faces beamed as each of their daughters walked to the front of the room, and the smiles from the girls as the clapping roared was spectacular. My daughter's smile was just as big as she showed off her pictures.

This girl lives for art! There isn't a day that goes by that she hasn't sketched a picture or made a complete colorful masterpiece. Some days she even writes and illustrates her own books, it just depends on what she is in the mood for. And if we ever get a box in the mail she immediately ask for permission to cut the box up and turn it into something. We've had home made doll houses, rocket ships, and marble racing courses.

Just this past weekend I drove her down to IKEA where she took fifteen dollars that she has worked really hard to save and purchased the easel her art is being displayed on. During the drive back home she must have told me four or five times "My dream is finally coming true of having my very own art easel!" Oh ya, she is also my dramatic one!

I know not all kids are artistic, or even care to do art for that matter, but I still believe in the arts for all kids, no matter what type of art that is. My type of art is definitely not the drawing kind. Music is the art that speaks to me. Sadly, music and art are the first things to get cut from schools when money gets tight. And as parents it seems like we are always signing our kids up for soccer or basketball, which don't get me wrong, I think sports can be very important for kids too, but why don't we sign our kids up for pottery classes?

I just couldn't help but think as we were driving home how different the world would be if more kids were excited about drawing, and less excited about video games.


Jenn said...

It looks like Grandma Morgan (and Great Grandma Gaeto and Great Great Great Grandma Dawson) is finally passing on her artistic genes. She's so talented and totally adorable.
Music is my art as well but I agree that it doesn't matter which kind of art they choose as long as they choose something.

Jenn said...

I only meant two greats for grandma Dawson. :)

Betty Rollins said...

I love her books and art. I have kepted the books she made me and his little poem on my craft room wall is one of my favorites!!

Betty Rollins said...

OOPs a daisy - I mean her little poem.

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