Friday, May 6, 2011

And Speaking of Art {My New Favorite Thing}

(Check out Sally's post about art from Wednesday!)

Does your child ever look like this?

Mine does all the time! If I give her anything that draws or colors she will inevitably put it on her body somewhere. I thought I was safe buying washable paints and markers but they aren't as reliable as I thought. They don't always wash out. At least not in my experience. And sometimes I have to scrub a few days in a row before it will come off of her body.

So when a friend of mine introduced me to the aqua doodle I was so excited. I immediately went out and bought the Travel 'N Doodle version to take with us on our trip to Oregon.  It was such a hit! The girls loved them and I LOVED them! And I couldn't help but laugh when almost immediately my little girl started drawing on her hands with the marker and all she did was get herself a little wet. It was amazing! So it's my new favorite thing and I recommend it to anyone!

Does anyone understand the new blogger because I seriously don't! I can't write where I want to and I can't move my pictures where I want to! I'm so sorry if this post looks a little messy. I couldn't figure it out. The point is I love the travel version of aqua doodle because it is so easy to travel around with and perfect for throwing in my Sunday bag and taking to church for a quiet activity. Plus it gives my kids some well needed art time. Love it.

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