Monday, April 11, 2011

My Top 5

As most of you may know by now I live on a cattle ranch. It's not always a glamorous life but I actually do love it. I've been hoping for some time now that I might find something fun and interesting that happens out here that I could somehow turn into a post to entertain you with. Thus far it has availed me. But today as my honey walked out the door and announced "we're branding today" I thought "I'm so glad I'm not a cow!" And then it hit me. I'll share with you all the top 5 reasons why I'm glad I'm not a cow. So here it is. My first ever Top 5.

Top 5 reasons why I'm glad I'm not a cow:

5. Even when it's -25* the cow still sleeps outside on the frozen solid ground. (I get a heated blanket!)

4. A cow generally gives birth to baby calf between 70 and 80 lbs! Ouch.

3. Each year the new calves get branded (not to mention being castrated and de-horned as well)! Seriously, can you imagine if our husbands burned our flesh off to permanently mark us as theirs!? No thank you!

2. Momma cows eat the afterbirth off of their new babies. (the ones who don't are considered bad moms!) I feel a little ill just mentioning it. Yuck.

And the #1 reason I'm glad I'm not a cow is........

1. I don't have to worry that I'm getting fed and fattened up just to be sent off to a butcher!

Happy Monday everyone!


Sally said...

Haha. I'm definitely glad I'm not a cow! Especially when it comes to the birthing and what comes after.

Anonymous said...

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