Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making Room

I have exactly four months to make room for one more person in our 1500 square foot house. You may think that 1500 square feet is plenty big for six people, but there is one little problem. Our house has a family room and a living room, which I love, but in order to get that the designer of this home took major cuts in the bedrooms. My son's bedrooms isn't much bigger than a large walk in closet, and the room that my two girls share was really only meant for one person and now we need to squeeze in one more.
I've actually got quite a few plans on how to make this transition work, but it's going to take a lot of time and a lot of hair cuts to cover the cost. It's doable though so let me show you a little bit of what I have in mind. Just please don't judge me too harshly on what their room looks like right now. I haven't done a thing to it since we moved in.

This is the main shot from the door. The biggest change we are going to make in this room is to trade in the big bed for a set of bunk beds.

The wall opposite from the bed. The main thing on this wall is to patch up the rows of holes left by the previous tenants.

What you should notice from this picture is that someone thought it would be a good idea to paint the walls, trim, base boards, and molding the same bluish grey color. This is actually project number one on my list and is already under way. Unfortunately, I had to take all three kids with me to the store to get white paint for the trim and I was in such a hurry to get in and out that I didn't pay close enough attention to what I was buying. After painting half of the base boards and getting really frustrated that the paint was not covering at all, I realized that what I thought was white paint was actually a clear base. I'll be headed back tomorrow to see if they can tint it for me.

Now that you've seen how small it is, here is how I plan to arrange two dressers, a set of twin bunk beds, and a crib. It's going to be a really tight squeeze, but fortunately the only thing our kids do in their rooms is sleep and get dressed. All of our toys are in our living room downstairs, which is a whole other post on making room.

Jenn actually showed me this cool room planning tool at Pottery Barn kids the other day. (click on the tools tab and then room planner) It's a much easier way to rearrange your furniture without having to break your back. Of course you will have to physically move the furniture at some point, but you won't have to drag your husband upstairs to move the bed and dressers around only to say "Never mind, I don't like it. Just put it back the way it was." My husband loves that!

Of course moving around some furniture isn't the only thing I have planned for this room. It's crying out for some decorating help. I think I'll keep that as a surprise though.



Amy said...

I love reorganizing rooms and furniture. We moved to a much smaller apartment and when we moved in there wasn't even room to walk with all the boxes and furniture just thrown in. We both thought - there is NO WAY we'll be able to fit everything - BUT - before hand I had measured the entire apartment and every single piece of furniture that would sit on the floor. I cut out little paper cut outs of each piece of furniture and started putting them in my little make shift floor plan I made up. Then I feel like the Lord took over and showed me exactly where to put everything and how to use my furniture in different ways (like my dresser as a TV stand and my large book shelf as a pantry) to make everything work. It was so fun! Have fun with your project!

Jenn said...

I've made LOTS of paper cut outs and put them on a home made floor plan and It's always been fun. The pottery barn tool....SO much easier and still just as fun. I'll never go back to "paper dolls" (as my dad describes them).
It's kind of fun we are both redoing our girls rooms. I'll race you! :)

Sally said...

Um Jenn, you are totally going to win!

Amber said...

If that is a double bed in there, then I'd say your room isn't quite as small as you think. We have VERY small rooms, and I had to revert to college tricks like lifting beds a few inches to get more boxes underneath.
Bunkbeads are totally the way to go in this dilemma :>

michiganbliss said...

Love the new blog design!

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