Monday, September 14, 2009

Appliqued shirts

The weather has finally started to cool off here and I am loving it. So, in honor of the cooler temps I decided to get a jump on the kids winter wardrobe.

OK, really I was in a crafty mood but I didn't want to sit at my sewing machine for hours. So I decided to spice up a few long sleeved shirts with appliques. Sometimes it's all about instant gratification for me!

At first I was just going to do shirts for the girls but then James asked for one too and I couldn't say no. For his I went with flames on the sleeves and he thinks it is the coolest shirt ever.

Samm not only wanted a shirt, but she wanted to draw the design herself. I really wanted to tell her no because I had a cute retro flower all picked out but I must have been feeling generous because I told her yes. She drew a heart bow and it looks so cute. I am very proud of her! She has been telling everyone about the shirt she helped make.

I'm still working on Macy's so a picture of that one later.

OK here is a quick run down on appliques in case you have never done it.

  • Find a pattern you like online or draw one yourself. I didn't have any printer paper last night so I found the flame design online and then had to draw it myself.
  • Cut out your patter.
  • Iron a piece of wonder under(found at any craft store) onto the back side of your fabric.
  • Trace your pattern onto the back side of the wonder under.
  • Cut it out, peel off the backing, and iron it onto a shirt or whatever you are decorating.
  • You can leave it as is at this point but to make it sturdier it is best to either machine or hand stitch around the pattern.

Very easy and very cute!


Jenn Shideler said...

I didn't realize it was so easy to do. I'll have to do that. They are really cute. You are feeling crafy! Earings, necklace, are real live wonderwoman!

CottageGirl said...

You are so creative! I love those appliqu├ęs!

Your children are beautiful!

Betty Rollins said...

They turned out really cute! What a great job (as always!)

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