Monday, July 22, 2013

Linnen Closet Before and After

It may look nice and pretty now, but this is what the closet at the top of my stairs looked like just a few days ago!

Does anyone else see what is completely wrong with this picture? (Not including how messy it is!) Who puts their towels on the top shelf where no one can reach them, and hair color on a shelf that a two year old can, and has gotten into. Me, that's who! 
Saturday I went on a major cleaning rampage, mostly in our backyard and garage, but this closet was the one place inside our house that I knew I had to get to. For some reason we can't seem to keep the door shut so every time I walked up the stairs there was a huge mess staring at me. I didn't even start this until 9:00 after my kids were in bed, but it was worth losing some sleep over. The first thing I did was to rip out the ugly contact paper!

Then I got to work organizing and throwing things away. I don't know how I even fit all of this in there before!

I kept all the medicine on the top shelf where none of the kids can reach it, but now I actually know what we have. I threw away at least 4 bottles of nasal spray! 

I love this little desk organizer to keep all the little stuff in and separated. Now I don't have to go searching for the little syringe things every time one of the kids needs allergy medicine!

The hair products are now one shelf higher to hopefully deter Laila from trying to color her own hair again...yes it happened. I knew I needed a larger bin for everything, but still needed to be able to see what was in it. This wire one fit the criteria for both.
These bins are by far my favorite! I realized as I was going through everything that I had way to many rags and hand towels that never got used. Now when I ask one of the kids to get a clean hand towel for the bathroom I shouldn't hear any "but I can't find one."

Such a huge difference!

And, most of the sheets that I got rid of were still fine, just old and we didn't use them. So, instead of throwing them away, I simply cut out the elastic and put them in my stash of fabric to use when I'm doing a trial run on something.

Yay, for clean closets!


Carissa Rasmussen said...

de-cluttering and organizing can be so cathartic! nice job

Dee dee said...

I tackled my office not long ago and I can't believe what it has done to help me think clearer even. I feel like my head is lighter.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your wire baskets? You are welcome to my closets anytime, especially my craft closet (can't throw anything away though).

Sally said...

Betty I got them at a store they have here in Michigan called Meijer.

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