Sunday, July 14, 2013


I think everyone should pose for pictures like this! Don't you think? 

We would if all the photographers in the world were five year olds. Or we might just do this!

Either way, pictures would be so much more awesome!

So yes, we are a little sleep deprived and goofy around here today. Laila had some sort of nightmare last night, I think about spiders, and she woke up screaming around 2:30. I tried putting her in bed with me for a while but she just rolled around and I can't sleep like that. So, I spent a good chunk of the night curled up on a Hello Kitty bean bag next to her crib. That way when she called out for me every ten minutes I could reassure her that I was still there.

It was not a fun night. But, I did learn that my kids talk in their sleep. A lot!

I'm checking out for this week to get some stuff done and pretend like I'm having fun with my kids this summer, but I will be back next week with some great tutorials and beauty tips for busy moms.

Enjoy your week!

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