Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chair Redo and Apparently a Book Review

So. Yes I'm still working on project redecorate my entire house. The problem is that I started reading a book and I'm not the type of person who can read a little bit each day. I'm the type of person that disregards house, children, and self until the book is finished and then I join the world again. It's really not healthy, but I've come to accept it about myself so it's OK.

If anyone is interested I was reading this book.

If you have any desire to increase in understanding and respect for you children than I cannot recommend it enough! I have to warn you though that you will most likely experience feelings of guilt as you realize just how much you have been wounding your children. Don't despair though! She is quick to point out that it is never too late to start being a better parent.

OK, so I didn't intend for this to be a book review, but I just have to share this one example of how this has changed they dynamic of our home already. My son James is a type 1 in her energy profiling system. Fun loving, bouncy, random, and light. (the kind of kid that gets labled as ADHD) Unfortunately we have spent the last 8 years thinking that his randomness and bouncing constantly were bad things and have told him repeatedly to hold still and just focus! He has slowly changed from a happy fun loving toddler to a depressed and solemn kid.

After less than a week of honoring his energy and seeing it as a gift instead of a hindrance and making some changes that Carol recommends, he has become extremely affectionate and there is a happiness in his face again. Just the other day my four year old Macy asked if she could have a piece of her Halloween candy, but Laila was napping in her room where it was and when James saw that she was upset he immediately said "You can have one of mine Macy." I know that doesn't seem like a big deal, but you have to understand that offering to give something of his to someone else is HUGE! He has never done that before. Ever!

OK, that could have been it's own post, but all I really wanted to say is that you should read the book!

Alright back to the original point of this post. I have done a few things in the last two weeks other than read, and one of them was to give a major face lift to a chair that I have had for while now.

This is super embarrassing, but I think it was time to redo this chair a long time ago. Yikes!

And just in case any of you are thinking "I would love to cover a chair, but I don't own a staple gun!" Guess what? I don't either. I use thumb tacks instead. I would love to have a staple gun someday, but for now this works. And, the good thing is that it's a lot easier to take the fabric off if you need to wash it, which obviously I didn't!

OK, so after a fresh coat of paint, a little bit more batting to pad our bottoms, and this fabric, the chair is reborn.

Too bad it's sad and lonely right now, because the desk it is supposed to live with is still out of stock at IKEA despite being told for over a month "Oh ya, that should be in next week." Grrr!



Jenn said...

I love the chair. It looks great!

Dee dee said...

Great book review, and I love to hear the news of James! And, the chair looks fabulous! Well done.

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