Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You Eat Waffles Instead of Cereal

What do you do if you wake up in the morning to an entire gallon of milk spilled on the kitchen floor, a son worried he's in big trouble, and a daughter on the verge of a panic attack because she can't find her reading log and the teacher has warned that if she doesn't turn it in (again) then a note is going home to her parents ( a fate worse than death) and now there is no milk left for her to eat cereal?

What about if while your cleaning up the spilled milk you suddenly remember that you haven't changed the baby's diaper yet and she has a wicked diaper rash, so you take off the diaper and decide it would be best if she airs out for a minute while you take the milk soaked towels down to the washing machine and as soon as you get the washing machine going you hear your hyper sensitive to smell 4 year old yell "Mom I smell a poopy bum!"?

What do you do?

What can you do other than take a breath and say a quick prayer! You reassure you son that it was an accident, that he is not in trouble, and that you still love him.

You let your daughter know that she can have frozen waffles for breakfast instead of cereal and that she can take a few minutes to look for her reading log, but if she can't find it than she can fill out a new one. And if she happens to miss the bus it's OK, because you can drive her to school.

You get out the carpet cleaner!

You get your son onto the bus by himself.

You give the baby a quick bath, because not only did she have a diarrhea-esq movement on the carpet she also felt the need to find out what that stuff was! (She did not like that stuff, as was evident by her holding out her hand screaming when you arrived on the scene.)

Then you throw on some clothes and load the girls into the car only, instead of turning down the street to the school you go a little bit farther and turn into the donut shop.


Because it's just milk and poop! They can be cleaned up and replaced, repsectively of course. Although poop can certainly be replaced also. There seems to be a never ending supply of it at our house these days. But you can never have today back with your girls and you don't want one of them starting their school day with tears brimming their eyes proclaiming "this was the worst morning ever!"

And then you say another silent prayer of thanks that you survived the terrorist attacks of Tuesday morning without any casualties...and that you were too tired last night to take off your makeup which allowed you to retain a small ounce of your dignity while marching your daughter into school over an hour late!


Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading this. :)

Seth and Julie said...

Really cute post! I had one of those days this week, only my baby is a puppy and thankfully he did not poop on the floor, but it was still one of those all things crazy days and you're right, freaking out never helps and you only get these mommy days once. And I am sure your kids will remember how you reacted years from now when they are raising families.

Kory Jane said...

See patience is one of your virtues!! I end up acting like I am going to explode. I agree though, nothing that a doughnut can't fix.

Anonymous said...

That is a memory that Samm will cherish forever. You remind us to remember what is really important in life.

melissa said...

Wow after a morning like that I'd be tempted to skip school all together!

The Thompson Family said...

You are such a good Mom. How do you do it?

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