Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ask Yourself

How many times today did I sweep up who knows what off the floor
replace the contents of the peanut butter/syrup/vinegar cupboard
wipe mystery sticky/dirty stuff off counters and walls
ask certain kid to please stop teasing other kids
hear the words "mom, I'm hungry!"
pick up socks that weren't mine
wipe runny noses
give thanks
I hope your numbers were different than mine, but for a lot of us tired busy moms, the answers are probably pretty similar. Our days start early and never stop moving. Usually picking up grumpy momentum towards the whenishecominghome hour and then there's dinner and homework and baths and then finally it's over!
Every night I kneel down and pray, giving thanks for a life filled with children, love, and comfort. But am I really grateful for my children if I spent all day feeling resentful that I washed and folded 6 loads of laundry instead of doing something fun for me? Am I really grateful for my husbands job if I complained for an hour on the phone to my sister that we don't have enough money for all the things I want?
The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? So, even though the answer is obvious, I still have to say it out loud. "NO, I'm not really grateful!" And how is that possible when I clearly have SO much to be grateful for! 

I actually wrote down these thoughts several days ago and made a serious decision right then to stop complaining and be happy. Did you know that being grateful makes you happy? It really does! And then Jenn found this for me on Pinterest and I think I just might have to hang a copy of it in my house where I can look at it every day.

Truer words were never spoken!



melissa said...

That is a great quote! It's so easy to be ungrateful, but when I really count my blessings I am amazed at how blessed I am. And ashamed that I would have those ungrateful feelings in the first place. It's normal though, we live in a materialistic me, me, me world!

Great post, and great picture too!

Jenn said...

Such a great reminder. I couldn't believe I stumbled on that pin just after we talked. So perfect. I love the picture of Laila as well.
It is that time of year now where our thoughts turn to being grateful and I love having that reminder that I have SO much to truly be grateful for!

Melissa C said...

Love it!

Dee dee said...

Great thoughts and priceless picture. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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