Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Samm's Flower

I had all 4 kids in bed tonight by 8:30! I can hardly believe my luck! I must have done something really right today. It definitely wasn't dinner though I can tell you that right now, because my soup and rolls got scrapped for spaghetti, only I didn't have spaghetti noodles so I threw together what was left in a couple boxes of different sized shells. The kids thought it was fun though so who knows, maybe I'm on to something. Anyway, because of my stroke of good luck I can actually post the tutorial for the flower I used on Laila's headband that I showed you on Monday.

Every year my mom buys my girls a Christmas dress and this year on Christmas eve I decided to make a flower to go with Samm's. Fortunately, these flowers ended up being not only really cute but super duper easy and fast. Craft projects on Christmas eve is not really a great idea.

What I love about these flowers is that they look really cute on my girls, but they can also be a little more grown up too.

OK, lets get started. You will need 1/8 yard each of your fabric of choice (I used satiny fabric from the special occasion section) and a coordinating tulle. Pin 1 layer of fabric to 2 layers of tulle and trace your pattern on the back side of the fabric. (keep scrolling down for the patter)

Next you are going to melt and curl up all of the edges. I used a lighter, but I've also been told that you can use an embossing tool or wood burning tool. It took a few times for me to figure out how to get it to really curl up, so you will just have to experiment with what angle to hold your heat source at.

You are also going to melt the layers of tulle (individually) and this is the trickiest part because if you aren't careful you will melt half the flower instead of just the edges. Don't worry about how pretty the layers look individually though, because once it is all put together it will look good.

Once all the layers are melted all that is left to do is glue them all together with just a small dab of hot glue in the center of each layer and then glue something pretty in the center. I used some buttons that I already had, but I've also seen other flowers similar to these with three small pearls in the center.

For the back, cut out a small circle of felt. I found that a large spool of thread is the perfect size.

Squeeze the clip open a put a layer of hot glue inside.

Place your felt circle on top of the glue in the center of the circle.

Put some more glue on the back of the felt...

and glue it to the back.

This is the pattern that I drew. You can make your own or use mine. If you do decide to draw your own, just remember that the flowers don't have to be perfect because melting the edges changes the shape anyway. And I tried putting this into a google doc, but for some reason no matter what I did it made the flowers smaller so I had to figure out something else. Although, my husband, who was helping me, said "what's the big deal if it's smaller? Some of those flowers are huge on their heads." Um, that's kind of the point!

Anyway, if you want to use my pattern, simply right click on the picture and save it to your computer and then when you print it out choose the size "full page." and it will be the right size.

You can make one of these in every color by this weekend! Clip one in your hair, in your daughter's hair, onto a stretchy headband for your bald baby, or even onto a necklace.

And come back Friday for my Sally proof rolls. That's what we call them, because I can't seem to ruin them!


Seth and Julie said...

So pretty and it actually looks quite simple, but I am pretty sure I would set my house on fire if I tried it.

Jenn said...

I've seen this flower with just regular circles and I can honestly say this one is WAY cuter. The flower shape gives it more dimension and I love it. I'm definitely going to give it a try.

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