Saturday, September 10, 2011

Could I Get Any Cheaper

As much as I consider myself a girly girl, I've never been one to dress up my own girls in frills and bows. Last week though I decided that I'm going to live up every moment of my last baby girl so I took a deep breath and re-joined the world with a trip to the fabric store. The trip itself was fairly successful, despite the fact that I had completely forgotten how long it takes just to get out of the house with a baby and everything they need. (side note-I got brave and took all four kids out today on my own only to discover that I had no diapers!)

My objective for the fabric store was really simple. Make a cheap, easy headband.

I bought 12 1/2 inches of stretchy lace, and 1/8 of a yard of this blue flower trim (same isle as the lace) which actually gave me two flowers so I can make another one a little bit bigger when she outgrows this one. I sewed together the right sides of the lace, glued on one of the flowers and then as an after thought glued on a bead that I already had. I also cut a small circle of white felt to glue on the underneath side of the flower to cover up where I had sewn together the lace.

It took me less than ten minutes and the total cost was around $1.25!

Not bad for my first post baby craft!

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Anonymous said...

You also made a beautiful model to wear the headband!

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