Monday, July 18, 2011

This is The Best Me

I read an article last week that said something to the effect of "we shouldn't compare our families to other families, because usually we are comparing their best to our worst."
So true right! We never look at another Mom with dirty, whiny kids and think "man, why can't my kids be like that!" I think most of us have pity on that woman and totally get that it is just one of those days for her. Instead we single out the one Mom who is having that rare day when their child didn't spill lunch all over themselves and is not throwing a tantrum because they can't have everything in site.

I know this gets said over and over in blog land sometimes, but I think it's worth repeating because we all forget. Sometimes I browse through these blogs that show pictures of perfectly put together houses and amazing crafts and think "They must be super woman!" And somehow just looking at those perfect pictures makes me feel like a failure.

But I'm not a failure. My kids think I'm the best mom in the whole world. Of course I'm the only mom they've ever known, so that might have something to do with their thinking, but at the end of most days I really do feel like I did pretty good. Sure I probably lost my temper once or twice and had to apologize, my girls may have run around all day without combed hair, and I may or may not have actually cooked a decent meal, but my family is happy and that is what really matters.

So, in honor of celebrating the real best me today I would like to show you a picture of the rolls I made for dinner tonight. Only they hadn't risen at all by dinner time (pretty typical) so my husband put them out in the garage where it was really warm to speed them up and we forgot all about them. At 8:30 I finally remembered they were out they were out there and decided to cook them anyway, just to see if they could be saved. Nope! And yes that cookie sheet is clean its just really old.

I wasn't devastated about the rolls though because I made a blackberry pie for desert and it was pretty darn good. Even with the pre-made crust and canned blackberries!

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