Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh These Hips of Mine

Why does the beach have to be so fabulous? We only got to spend a little over an hour at this beautiful spot due to horrible weather conditions on our scheduled beach day, but it was enough to make me wish I lived right across the street. Although the houses right across the street had sand yards instead of grass and that made me re-think a tiny bit, at least the living right across the street part.

Even after spending 30 minutes scrubbing sand out of every crevice of these 3 little bodies, my soul was at peace. White sand and sunshine is all I need. Is that really so much to ask out of life?

Sadly, when you live in Michigan, the answer to that question nine months out of the year is yes. So for three months I soak in every ray that I can and collect enough sand from our nearby not so pretty beach to start a beach of my own. And then I survive.

What I am not surviving very well right now is the miraculous wonder that is pregnancy. I can push through the months of morning sickness. I can even put aside my vanity, as hard as it is, and wear a tent around this enormous growth sticking out in front of me. What I really can't handle is the pain in my lower back and hips.

I limp when I walk (translation: I waddle!) and sleeping is a thing of the past. And in my book, restless, painful, sleepless nights are the worst part of this whole gig. It makes me grumpy and downright miserable.

For the last several months I've gotten by at night by making myself a mountain of 5 pillows to sleep on and around. And it really did help for a while, but it's not helping anymore, and 2 nights in a hotel bed drove me to do something rash.

I pre-spent all my birthday money, used a gift card from Christmas I have been holding on to waiting for THE perfect pair of boots to come along, and I dipped into the money I have been saving for a video camera. All to buy one of these.

I don't know yet if it was a good decision or not, although as soon as I hit publish I am on my way upstairs to find out. I will tell you though that I usually fret over buying a shirt that costs more than $20, so paying $200 for something to sleep on is well, huge for me.

At this point though, I would pay $1,000 for a good night of sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Hope it's the miracle cure for all the pain! I've considered buying one myself but haven't been able to justify it yet. Let us know how good it is!

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