Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My 8 Year Old Has An I Pod Touch

My blogging is going to be very brief this morning. We are out of cheese at our house, which is pretty much the only thing that warrants an emergency trip to the grocery store. Milk usually does too, but only because if we don't have milk for cereal in the morning than I have to make pancakes. Cheese however is a necessity that cannot be lived without. And I'm starting to get a little nervous because so far both of my girls have been extremely intolerant to dairy as babies and I don't know if I have it in me to completely cut dairy out of my diet again when this baby comes.

So, last week my husband decided that his I phone was ancient and he needed an upgrade. After we left the AT&T store he decided that instead of getting rid of his old phone that he would give it to our daughter Samm to use as an I Pod, since the cheap mp3 player we bought her for Christmas broke after only a few months.

After She got home from school he gave her the phone and just said "Here, you can use this as an I Pod now."

She got really excited and said "You mean I get to have my very own I Pod Touch!!!"

Honestly, I was a little shocked by her response. Are there really that many other 8 year olds out there with an I Pod Touch that she would know what one is?

And, am I really a horrible parent because I still have not bought my son a DS and he has been asking for one for the last three years? The check out lady at TJ Maxx last Christmas thought so!


Seth and Julie said...

My 8 year old is one of the only kids her age around here without an iPod or a cell phone. Crazy! Who the heck does an 8 year old need to call? Also, I told Alex no DS until he is 8, because that is when Alyssa got hers. However, she NEVER plays with it so I think I will just hand hers down instead of buying a second one. I can't believe how many gadgets kids have these days.

Jenn said...

I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and heard a little girl talking to her mom about her birthday present and she was deciding between a digital camera and something else. She was seriously no older than Samm. What does an 8 year old need with a digital camera? It's so crazy. I can see a cheap camera for messing around but that's it. Anyway, it's crazy these days what kids have. I guess it's the age we live in.

Ria said...

I'm pretty sure I was a terrible parent right along with you... My kids were usually the last to get anything if they got it at all.

Amy said...

I think you are doing your son a favor by not buying him a DS.

Sea Star said...

I am a mean parent too. My kids don't have a DS and I have already told them I won't buy one.

My daughter does have an ipod which was handed down when my husband bought himself an iphone.

My kids didn't even have a Wii until a few months ago and they only get to play it on Saturdays.

Some may call it mean but I just can't give in the media. I love that my kids read books!

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