Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Not Good At Surprises

8 years ago today, on a very special Friday the 13th, my husband and I were married for time and all eternity. I'm sure we started out buying each other a gift on this special anniversary day but over the years we have gotten into a groove that sort of works for us. One of us, whoever claims it first, thinks of something they want to get for both of us and said person gets to be the designated gift giver.

This year I had a great idea. At least I thought it would be great, especially for my honey. It was a new BBQ grill. Ours is seriously outdated and a little falling apart. (You have to light it by hand with a match and I'm always afraid my hand is going to get blown off!). So imagine my surprise when my husband comes home one day last week and says "Don't get anything for our anniversary. I have something in mind."  This kind of statement always makes me a little nervous. And this is why:

We had some friends here over the weekend visiting us from Idaho. As we were discussing our upcoming anniversary (while I am playing around with their very fancy camera) the wife suggests that maybe he will be getting me a new camera (something I have been asking for for a year)! I admit I got a little excited. Maybe she was right! And then her husband pipes in "I bet he got you guys Bronco's tickets".  WHAT? Okay, so it wouldn't be terrible. I do love the Bronco's.  But it got me a little nervous. Men's brains work so differently then ours. I have no idea what to expect anymore.

I asked last night about it and the response I got was "your ruining the surprise" so I have to just keep my mouth shut and wait. And I'm still waiting. Knowing my husband he'll tortue me with it all day. But that's okay. Today is not about a gift. It's about remembering that special day 8 years ago when we tied the knot for FOREVER. And I could not be more happy about it. Thank you to my sweetie for 8 wonderful years and two beautiful girls! I love you.

p.s. Happy Anniversary also to my Aunt Kare and Uncle Fred! 33 years?!


Ria said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a fun day and the surprise is quite pleasant.

Sally said...

What! All that and we don't even get to know what the surprise is. I bet he got you sleeping bags! Happy 8 years!

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