Monday, February 14, 2011

DIY Brown Sugar

I was talking to my mother in law the other day (who is an avid baker/cooker) about food storage. I mentioned that I needed to add Molasses to mine so that I didn't have to try to store brown sugar. She was surprised as I explained that you can make your own brown sugar.

This got me thinking. If my mother-in-law who loves to be in the kitchen doesn't know this simple trick maybe there are others out there who also don't know. So here it is, straight from my kitchen to yours: Do It Yourself Brown Sugar!


2 C. granulated sugar
1-3 Tbsp molasses

Seriously! That's all you need!

1. Put your sugar in a bowl.

2. Add molasses (1 tbsp to start)

3. Using a fork (or for a much easier method use a mixer!) mix together your sugar and molasses until completely blended.
4. Continue adding molasses 1 Tbsp. at a time until you reach your desired color (light or dark brown sugar).

And that's it. Your done! My brown sugar is pretty light but I used regular molasses. I had to add 3 Tbsp of molasses to get this color. If you use blackstrap molasses your brown sugar will be darker and you won't need to use as much.

Now when you make that special someone their Valentine's Day treat today you can add a little extra love by using your homemade brown sugar!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Amy said...

I kind of thought everyone new about this trick too. I still find it easier to just buy a big bag from costco though. It lasts me a long time and it don't have to dirty any extra bowls. It is definitely good to know if your learning about food storage.

Ramona said...

do you think it would work to mix this with xylitol or other forms of natural sugar? We don't use refined sugar.

Jenn said...

Good question. I'm sorry that I don't have any idea. If you decided to try it please let me know if it turns out or not!!

Ashlee Simons said...

Love it!!!

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