Friday, February 11, 2011

Borax Crystal Snowflakes

I know in some parts of the country the sun is starting to shine and and you can throw on a jacket and take your kids to the park. In my part of the country though, we still look like this! And it will for several more months I'm told, so thinking about snowflakes is not unusual at all.

I actually saw these fun snowflakes on the Martha Stewart show a couple months ago, and I have to tell you, I was so excited to try them that I ran right out to the store and bought all the supplies as soon as the show was over. And really, you will probably have most of what you need for these at home already. Pipe cleaner, borax, string, and water is all you need for these little beauties. I didn't even wait until my kids got home to get started. These really are supposed to be a fun craft for kids, not moms. Instructions here.

After I made the first two snowflakes I had this whole plan that I was going to make a bunch of them and string them up along the back window. It never happened. I have a good excuse though. I really good one. It's the kind of excuse that means you are nauseated for 24 hours a day for weeks on end and the only thing you want to eat is pizza, or maybe chili dogs. Anyway, I just wasn't feeling up to it, but I'm hoping we can do it next year, because I think it would be such a fun way to decorate for winter.

You can also get really creative and make a whole bunch of other shapes as well. I was even planning on doing some red hearts for Valentines day. I only made this one though and never took a picture of it finished. Adding food coloring is a fun way to make some variation.

So, if winter is still on you doorstep and your kids are going to be home for a mid winter break next week like mine are, this will be the perfect boredom buster.

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Jenn said...

They look even cooler than I pictured in my head. I'm thinking it will be a really fun decoration for the girls room next winter!

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