Friday, February 18, 2011

Come Back For More

My internet isn't working. (sigh)

Okay, it is working (a little) because otherwise I wouldn't be posting this. What I mean is it is working like you would expect to find during the dinosaur age! SUPER SLOW! How did we ever live without high speed internet? I feel like I'm going to lose my mind as I wait 5 minutes for each new page to load. Not only that but there is no chance whatsoever for me to upload anything let alone a picture or two! (See, this is the downside to living in the country! Our internet options are few and not always reliable!)

So I'm here to say please come back. This problem is usually resolved within 24 hours so my regular post should be here tonight or tomorrow. Until then, enjoy your super-fast-because-i-live-in-the-city internet. (Unless of course you live in the country and have problems like me...then I feel for you!)


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