Monday, February 21, 2011

Basic Hair Rope

For me, this hair style is as basic as a braid. And I'm pretty sure my mom taught me how to do it right after she taught me how to braid. I kind of assumed that everyone knew how to do a rope, until last week when I was talking to a friend. I had done my daughter's hair for church in THIS cute Valentines day hair style and she was telling me how she thought twisted hair was really cute, but it always came untwisted. So, I shared with her this quick little trick and it got me thinking. Remember when you were in school and the teachers would say "if you have a question, then most likely someone else has the same question." Well, even though a lot of you may already know how to do a rope, there are probably others like my friend who have never seen it done, so I'm going to give you the very basic how to...

I started this morning with a simple hair wrapped pony tail. The best idea ever, for doing a wrapped pony tail is also HERE.

Next, divide the hair into two sections and twist them both in the same direction. I always twist mine to the right.

After that, twist your two sections together in the opposite direction. Sorry about the blurry picture. That's what you get when your photographer is a six year old using a camera phone!

Tie it off at the end and your done. Basic and simple, but can be used in so many ways. I've actually tried doing a french rope before and it can be done, but it's pretty tricky. If I can ever get the technique simplified I'll post a video of it.


Jenn said...

I can't believe you did Samm's hair like that for Valentines Day! It is so cute. I wish I could have seen a picture!
And I am very interested in a "french rope". I hope you get the technique figured out!!

Lilly J said...

Thank you for posting this! tried it out on my daughter for the first time on saturday :) and with 3 girls i'm sure I'll be trying it out many more times!

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