Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Raspberry Jell-O Chocolate Pie

When my husband Josh and I were married a little over 10 years ago, we got a lot of the typical wedding gifts, but we also got a few that were a little strange. First and for most, this turtle lamp. I mean it looks cute and all in this picture, but we didn't really have a turtle decor theme going on.

No, this isn't our actual lamp 10 years later.

After the wedding we tried really hard to return ours to every store possible, but no one would take it. We did eventually give up and use it in our bathroom as a night light for a while and then one day it was sold to a new loving home in a garage sale. For probably $2. This turtle actually belongs to someone else, although it really is the exact same one as ours, who for some reason felt the need to post a picture of it on the Internet. Which completely proves that you can find ANYTHING on the Internet.

OK, enough about the turtle, the other slightly strange gift we got that we still have today is this cookbook. New joys of Jell-O. Not too be confused with the 1970's version, Joys of Jell-O. And if any of you are dying to own a copy, it is being sold on E-Bay right this very minute.

I probably would have tossed it in a corner somewhere and never looked at it again, but doesn't that pie in the corner look pretty tasty? Well guess what, it is!

As soon as I read over the ingredients I knew it would be good too, because it's made exactly like I make regular Jell-O, but in a pie crust. That is, I substitute vanilla ice cream for the cold water. We actually call it Grandma Jell-O in our family, but that's another post.

Anyway, what I really love about this pie besides the fact that it tastes good, is that it's sooo easy and it's a fun break from the traditional pies. It would be a perfect dessert to follow up that Christmas ham!

Raspberry Jell-O Chocolate Pie-

1 3oz Package Raspberry Jell-O
1 C. Boiling Water
1 Pint Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Oreo Crumb crust
3 Tbs. Butter
3 Squares Semi-Sweet Bakers Chocolate (1 ounce each)
Frozen Raspberries (Optional) This is my own modification and I really like the texture, but my husband doesn't.

For the filling- Dissolve Jell-O in boiling water. Add vanilla ice cream and stir until completely melted. Pour Jell-O into the pie crust. If you want to add berries to your pie, this would be the time, and I highly recommend that you do! Let it sit in the refrigerator for 2 hours, or until completely set. (Between the ice cream and the frozen berries, it sets up pretty fast)

For the top- Melt the chocolate and butter together in a small sauce pan on med-low heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and allow to cool for a few minutes. (You still want it warm and runny, but if it's too hot, it will melt the top of your pie.) Pour the chocolate on top of the pie and spread evenly.

Before you put the pie back in the refrigerator to let the chocolate harden, you will want to let it sit on the counter for about 10 minutes and then lightly score the chocolate with a knife into the serving portions. This makes it a lot easier to cut later when the chocolate is hard.

Put the pie back into the fridge until the chocolate has hardened (about 20 min) Serve and enjoy!

As you can see, my pie isn't nearly as pretty as the one on the cover of the cook book, but it still tasted Oh So Good!

I'll probably be having it for breakfast tomorrow morning!

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Jenn said...

It is Oh-so-good!! I think it's what I'll bring to Christmas dinner this year!

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