Friday, November 19, 2010

Fabulous Friday: Caring For Your Heels

I love Colorado. I've never really had any regrets about moving here and even though I'll always have a place in my heart for Oregon, Colorado is home now. But, it is so dry here! I never had issues with dry and cracked heels until I moved to Colorado.

Whether you live in a dry area or not though, you may still have problems with dry or calloused feet. Here you will find a simple and quick way to fix and prevent your heels from looking like this:

I use this awesome tool called the Ped Egg which I purchased at Target but I've seen them at Bed Bath & Beyond as well. The foot file is from Sally's Beauty Supply but I've seen similar items at Wal Mart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

**The Ped Egg would make a great gift or stocking stuffer! Can you tell I have Christmas on my mind!

The Ped Egg actually looks like a cheese grater. Don't be alarmed! It doesn't rip you apart and leaving you bleeding. I promise! It gently grates the dead and calloused skin off of your feet. If your feet are just a little rough you can skip over this. If your feet look anything like mine this is a step you really should take.

After you've got off as much dead skin as you can with the Ped Egg switch to the foot file. Beware! You will want to do this over a trash can otherwise you'll have dead skin all over your floor! There are usually two sides on the foot file. Start with the rougher side first. Run the file back and forth over your heel until it feels smooth. Now switch to the fine side and repeat filing. This will just make your heel that much smoother.

*I've heard of people using pumice stone to do the same job as the file. I've never had as much luck with it but if you can't find a foot file try the pumice stone.

Finish off by applying lotion generously to your feet. If you are doing this at night (the ideal time) cover your feet with socks after applying the lotion. When you wake up your feet will thank you!

If you want to keep your feet smooth and ready-to-be-massaged at any time keep this routine up on a regular basis (2-3 times a week at least).
Maybe next week we can get Sally to give us a tutorial on the perfect pedicure to complete our beautiful feet!


Sally said...

Oh my goodness Jenn! That first picture was painful for me to look at. I've never even hear of the ped egg before, but I will have to look for one now. I also exfoliate my feet and heels when I'm in the shower and that helps a lot.

Bri and Nic said...

That is crazy... and also gross. I bet that was not good for nylons!

Natalie said...

In NM we have the same problem. It's super dry, especially when the seasons change from fall to winter and winter to spring. I'm so glad you added this post! I've been thinking about buying one of the PedEggs for a while, but was worried that they wouldn't work. You sold me! Can't wait to have less ugly heels! Maybe if I start now they'll be ready for summer weather.

k8e said...

I'm totally buying one! I SOOO need one!

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