Monday, November 15, 2010

Decorating With Towels

When I went off to college I swear I went with the intention of getting a useful degree of some kind. Instead I ended up doing generals and getting my "MRS" degree. Someday I'd like to go back and get that useful degree and I'm 99% sure that I'd do interior decorating. I'm not quite sure why but I love to decorate. I've spend plenty of time looking at magazines, watching TV, and looking at other people's houses gathering ideas. Now I'm super excited to share my tips and tricks with all of you!

Today is all about towels. Did you know you could decorate with towels?!?! Seriously. It's way fun and it looks so much more put together than just hanging your towels over the bar (or in some cases a ring).

In the interest of not turning this into a novel if something doesn't makes sense or I didn't give enough info either leave a comment to ask your question or shoot over an email. I'd be happy to give further instruction.
We'll start with the simple hand towel. If you don't want to get too fancy or crazy this is the one for you. Start by folding your hand towel in thirds and hanging it over the towel bar or ring. Then gather the towel near the top and secure with ribbon or raffia (shown).
Towels can be on display even if they aren't being used. Putting them in a basket is a great way to add some decoration to your bathroom. In the example below I used hand towels. First I folded them in half width. Then in half the same way. I finished by rolling them up length wise. Now put them in the basket and POOF you have instant decoration!
To add a little more flair to the basket simply fold a coordinating washcloth in half then make a fan. Take one end and place it in the center of one of the hand towels and let it fan out. Another idea (not displayed) is to tie ribbon around one or all of the hand towels. If you do this, make sure your ribbon is tied high enough that it will be seen once the towels are in the basket.

Yes, this awesome green bathroom is actually mine. Was I should say. This was our house in Denver. Anyway, this is an example of two different techniques.

First is the hand towels. This is two hand towels folded in thirds and then hung on the towel ring together. You can use two of the same towels or if you feel daring use two different colored towels, as shown. Gather near the top and secure with ribbon or raffia. Use a rubber band to secure first if necessary.
The bath towels are my favorite! I call them the upside down gather. They are so easy and look way cool! Start by hanging your towel over the towel bar with the ends matching up at the bottom (it's not necessary to fold the towels in half first but you can if you want. I've done it both ways). Gather both ends together about 6 inches from the bottom and secure with small rubber band. Take the gathered end and bring it to the top of the towel bar. Fan the tops and bottom until you have a nice easy wave. Tie some ribbon or raffia around the rubber band to hide it. Finish off by adding one or more synthetic leaves to the knot. Add leaves to any of your towel displays to give some extra eye appeal.
If you want something more simple just use the easy hand towel display on your large bath towels by hanging them over the bar and tying off with raffia. Add leaves for a little extra fun.

Are you still reading?! I'm so impressed! Hang in there we're almost done. I'm just so excited to share my ideas with you I couldn't limit myself to just a couple.
This is the final bath towel idea. I call it the gathered flower. First hang your towels over the towel bar in a way that gives you your desired length (I fold mine in a funky, kind of in thirds way so they don't hang so long). After you get your towel length the way you want it take a hand towel of a coordinating color and fold it length wise 5-6 times, approximately 2 inches at a time. (see picture below).

When your hand towel is rolled wrap it around your large bath towel and gather the ends together. Secure with a rubber band.

Next fold the raw ends of your towel back to give it more of a flower look. Now the finished product is up to you. Leave it as it is, add some raffia or ribbon, and/or leaves to finish off the look.

To add even more to the gathered flower, hang an additional coordinating hand towel (folded in half or thirds length wise) over the large bath towel then wrap the flower towel around both towels. Continue with finishing your flower the same way as mentioned above.
And last but not least one more basket display. I love this one! Mostly I just love all the color. This really is on display in one of my bathrooms and I love it!
Depending on the size of your basket you will probably need between 6-8 washcloths. You can use as many different colors as you choose. Fold your cloths in half then roll them up length wise. Put the raw side down when placing them in your basket to give it a more polished look. If your washcloths are too short (like mine) put a folded hand towel on the bottom of the basket to raise them up a bit.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy looking at your beautiful towels!
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Anonymous said...

wow!!! I am decorating a powder room for the first time and just stumbled upon your blog - EXCELLENT/CREATIVE and perfectly inexpensive ways to add a little pizzazz to a bathroom with practical pieces like TOWELS! THANKS for the great suggestions and tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for great Ideas . I had been wanting to do something different with mine for awhile.
Thanks Again for the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Love these ideas!! Thanks for sharing. I just redid my bathroom with a couple of your tips.

Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas! Thank you!

Twin Cities (MN)

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