Friday, July 5, 2013

I Love This Country!

I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July and that you spent the day with loved ones giving thanks for this amazing county we live in.

There is a fantastic little parade put on every year by a neighboring community that we always go to in the morning. And right after there is a church close by that puts on a free hot dog lunch for all the parade goers. We are always grateful for their generosity in giving out lunch and for letting Macy use their bathroom. (every year!)  Some years we hit the lake after, but this year we went home, did some cleaning and took naps! The we went and enjoyed homemade ice cream with our good friends and watched the fireworks put on by their neighborhood.

I think the only Holiday we dress up for more is Halloween!

I experimented with a French rope in Macy's hair and was pretty thrilled with how it turned out. She wasn't so thrilled though that her hair was taking longer than normal.

My husband swears he didn't take this picture of me, and I certainly didn't take it on purpose, but it was funny to find in all the pictures. Not the most flattering profile picture!

My little Laila kept waving fiercely at all the floats yelling "Hi Joe!" Joe, by the way is our neighbor, and he was not on any of the floats.

This is the part of the parade that I love the most and gets me choked up every time. Those cute old men in uniform make my heart swell with pride for our country. Thank You so much for serving and for all those that continue to serve today!


Jenn said...

We always dress up big time for the 4th too!! I like your girls bows too. Home made?

Sally said...

Yes they are Jenn. Don't worry, a tutorial is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

The little old veterns always choke me up too!

Anonymous said...

their hair is so cute! I love the 4th. we saw a float that was all children whose fathers were killed in combat. that was heart breaking to see

Krista Johnson said...

My favorite part of this post was your profile pic. Sorry but it made me laugh pretty hard.

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