Friday, October 12, 2012

{Heavenly} Deviled Eggs

I feel like I missed the boat here on getting this recipe to you. For me deviled eggs are a backyard BBQ kind of food. Summer is over and fall is quickly turning to winter (at least here in the mountains of Colorado). But with the holidays quickly approaching I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities to throw these babies into the food mix. And trust me they are worth it.

By the way this is not my picture. I got it off of a google search fo deviled eggst since I didn't have time to make these tonight (crying baby and all....) so thanks to whoever took this wonderful picture. Mine never look so pretty!

A woman at church once told me that the word "deviled" in deviled eggs means that they are spiced. These eggs are the opposite of being spiced so I've decided to call them Heavenly eggs. This recipe comes from my husband's grandma. The first time I tried one I knew I was in love and just had to have the recipe. For fear that this was some secret recipe that no one else knew it took me a couple of years to work up the courage to ask for it. When I finally worked up the courage her response was "oh, I don't have a recipe. I just do it by taste."  WHAT?! I was so bummed. I needed this recipe! She proceeded to tell me what ingredients were used and approximately how much she used of each but the rest was up to me. 

I've made several attempts at this and the recipe here is the best I've been able to come up with. With each attempt my husband gave the same response ("yes, they are good"), but my response was always the same: "But do they taste like your Grandma's?!"  I doubt I'll eve match hers exactly but these are pretty darn close. I hope you enjoy!

Leonna's Heavenly Deviled Eggs

6 eggs, hard boiled, peeled, and halved
2 Tbsp mayonnaise
1/8 tsp ground mustard
1/8 tsp salt
5 drops Tarragon vinegar
1 Tbsp Splenda

Mix yolks with mayo, mustard, salt, vinegar, and splenda. Spoon back into egg white halves. Sprinkle with paprika.

For my part I've found that it is crucial to use the Tarragon vinegar. It may not be as dire as I think but the one time I attempted to make them with a different vinegar it was a disaster! (Sorry to my extended family that tried my deviled eggs at Karra's house this summer! These are not those!) I'd be careful about using anything else though.

Don't wait until next summer to try these! You'll be sorry you waited so long.


Ria said...

Here's the deal. I hate vinegar and leave it out of almost every recipe I use. BUT I really enjoyed your eggs at Karra's so don't disparage them. it was such a surprise to taste sweet in the eggs. I loved them.

Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl said...

I really love this! I love the use of tarragon vinegar. So creative. I would love for you to come share at my Farm Girl Blog Fest! Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily

Jenn said...

Thanks Lisa! I'd love to!

WTFab said...

Yum, looks great! Would love it if you linked up on my blog hop Also let me know if you'd like to follow each other!

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

Hello! I’m stopping in to invite you to join us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

I hope to see you there!
The Chicken Chick

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