Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Foaming Hand Soap Refill

Because my children either completely leave the bathroom without washing their hands, or use five pumps of hand soap every time they do wash their hands, I have decided that there is only one thing to do. Completely switch to foam hand soap. Not only is there something about foam that makes it exciting to wash their hands, which eliminates problem number one, but it is ridiculously cheap to make, which means they can pump away and I don't have to freak out.

You will have to start off by actually buying a hand soap dispenser from the store, but if your children are like mine, it will be empty in no time.

To make your own refill, simply pour in 1 tablespoon of any liquid soap. It can be hand soap, dish soap or even shampoo. My kids and I tend to have really dry skin so I actually used baby shampoo since it is much more mild. Just try and steer clear of any soap with lotion in it because it can clog the pump.

Add warm water to the soap and fill to about an inch from the top. My dispenser actually hand this little sticker on the back with a line that said "fill to here."

Give the soap and water a gentle stir to get it well mixed and that's it. You could also add a drop of food coloring and or a drop of essential oil if you are into having your soap smell good and match the colors of your bathroom. We rent our house, and I have been forbidden to remove the ugly wall paper boarder in our main bathroom, so I wasn't all that worried about making my soap look pretty!

Of course you'll have to give it a few pumps to make sure it really did work!

Are you dying yet at home much cheaper it is to use foam soap than liquid? I was, when I first figured it out.


Seth and Julie said...

I always buy Dial foam hand soap and just this morning one of my bottles ran out. Luckily I forgot to throw the bottle out so after reading this I went in and followed your advice and 15 seconds later my bottle is full again. So much cheaper and it kept my bottle out of the landfill. Thanks!

Sally said...

What perfect timing, Julie! I'm glad you didn't throw your bottle out!

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