Friday, August 31, 2012


Update- Carol is actually offering her course right now at a huge discount, plus a gift card to shop in the store if you sign up before Sept 30th. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can send you the link

Does anyone else Dress Their Truth?
I'm a soft and subtle type 2 and have been dressing my truth for about a year now.
Both Jenn and our other sister Krista are rich, dynamic type 3's. They started the program together just a few months ago.
Our mom is a bright, animated type 1. She was the first one to take the plunge a little over two years ago. She is also 55, and looks 45! A great perk for type 1's, they usually stay youthful looking.
And just yesterday, I found out that our cousin Amy is also a type 2! We spent all day emailing back and forth and talking on the phone about clothes and shoes and all things 2ness. It was so much fun! There are not many other type 2's in my life, except my oldest daughter, so it was nice to know that I'm not alone.
In one of our conversations, Amy asked if I had ever thought about doing a series on the blog about dressing your truth, and maybe doing a what I wore type of thing. And, yes I have thought about it, but have been a little hesitant. I thought it would be silly if no one knew what I was talking about, and in my true type 2 nature, I am a little afraid of being criticized, or having something that I really feel strongly about criticized. It would be really fun to do though, if their are others of you out there. So, I just thought I would ask...
Does anyone else dress their truth? It is really super fun, and honestly, just knowing more about my true nature has helped me to really learn to love and accept who I am, instead of constantly trying to force myself to be like all the type 3's in my life (my husband included) that I so greatly admire. I still admire them, of course, but now I know that being thoughtful and reflective are good things, and I don't have to rush through life at the same pace that they do.
By the way, if your interested in learning more about the types, but not necessarily the beauty profiling aspect of it, I totally recommend the book It's just my nature. This book opened up a whole new world of understanding for me not only about myself, but about my children!
OK, go check it out, and then come back here and tell me what type you are. Don't be discouraged  though if you can't figure it out right away or are undecided. It took me a few days to completely accept that I was a type 2, and I read the book!


Seth and Julie said...

I have never heard of this but I will have to check it out. I have never been skilled in fashion or make up and feel like clothes are not made for people with my body type so I generally wear a hoodie and jeans. I love to be cozy but would like to be cute too but gave up long ago on finding stuff that is flattering on me.

Jenn said...

I saw on facebook that Amy has several friends who are interested. She needs to direct them here!

Dee dee said...

This is so fun! I'm glad you girls are gathering support around you. I will add that even Dad has appreciated "It's Just My Nature." He told me the other night how much he's grateful for what he's learned and how it's helped him to be more understanding of other people, especially working with people now that he's in the bishopric.

Seth and Julie said...

Okay, so I have been trying to watch these videos. I have only gotten through 5 of them but I have NO idea what I am. Not a 4, for sure but I can't figure out the rest. I started out thinking 1 but I am not social and cute and I can't stand piles of junk and flaky people but the talents and doddling and all that were 1 and I am deep feeling and super expressive about my feelings so not 1? In apearance I think I am a 3 and I see a lot of other 3 stuff in me like throwing stuff away and not attaching to things but not sure about that either. And then I see some 2 but not enough to make me say a-ha yet. I will keep watching but if you have more to post I would love to read it.

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