Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reason Number Five Bazillion Why I Love IKEA, And a Surprise

Cute little heart shaped ice cube trays

Plus Swedish chocolate (Seriously, YUM)

= cute little heart shaped chocolates!

My oldest daughter decided to make these for her teacher this year instead of cookies and sprinkles, and I think next year it will be what all the teachers get. Don't get me wrong, our little gift bags with the cookies, frosting, and sprinkles were really cute, but they were a lot more work than I had time for. And Since IKEA's chocolate is not only delicious, but cheap (3 big bars for $2.50) we figured out that each heart only costs $.10! Not bad at all for a really awesome treat.

And since today is the day that we celebrate love, I wanted to let you know how much Jenn and I Love all of you who actually read this little blog of ours even though we are somewhat unreliable bloggers at times. So, I am going to give away two sets of these cute little trays. 

I will automatically give two trays to the very first person to leave a comment, and then on Monday I will randomly select another person to receive two trays. And just maybe, if you leave really nice comments, I will send you some chocolate with it!

I don't care what you comment on, all I ask is that you leave an email address so we can contact you if you are the winner.

Happy Valentines Day! Hug your loves just a little bit tighter today! 


Michelle said...

I LOVE reading your blog! I wish I lived closer to IKEA. Happy Valentine's day! michellebagwell@yahoo.com

Amy said...

I want one!!! SO CUTE! and great idea for Valentines.


KarenOjai said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Great ideas!

Amanda and Chad said...

love those! totally want some! and i sure love all your other cute ideas on this blog. keep up the good work!


Andrea said...

I love your blog and your wonderful ideas! Thanks for all your hard work!


Jana said...

I enjoy reading all your down-to-earth ideas. Thanks for sharing; I continue to check the blog regularly.

The Michiganders said...

I pinned this to my pinterest boards! Great idea! Rachel would love to do these!

Sally I honestly don't know how you do it! You have so much on your plate and still show up at church with homemade valentines dresses for all the girls.


Betty Rollins said...

Great, I am a few days late and a heart shape tray late!!! Very cute idea.

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