Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peanut Butter Madness

A few weeks ago I found myself scrambling to make a plate of goodies for some women at church that I am supposed to visit once a month but have so far neglected to do this summer... I just can't bring myself to drag 3 kids with me, so each month I have knocked on their doorstep with a loaf of bread or a plate of cookies apologizing profusely. They are all sweet women with kids of their own though and completely understand what it's like when kids are home for the summer so they take my humble offering and reassure me that they are doing just fine.

Anyway, back to the cookies. We suddenly have an over abundance of peanut butter at our house right now so instead of the standard chocolate chip cookies that I always go to, I dusted off my peanut butter cookie recipe. It has been a long time since I made these and since I was making a plate for three families plus my family would want some I decided to double the recipe. Oops! I forgot how many cookies one recipe actually makes. I ended up making half the dough and sticking the rest in the fridge.

After finishing up the already made cookies on our counter, I got out the cookie dough to make the rest but I was so over them at that point that I secretely wanted to just toss it in the trash and forget about it. The practical side of me just couldn't do it though, and then as I was sitting there staring at all that peanut butter cookie dough, I suddenly had an epiphany. At the time I called myself a genius, but have since come to discover that peanut butter sandwich cookies are nothing new. Have I been living under a rock my entire life?

Ok, so I started with my basic peanut butter cookies. I wanted them to be really soft and chewy though, so I made sure to take them out of the oven a tiny bit early when they still had that "I'm not sure if they are actually done" look. For me that was 9 minutes, but it probably depends on your oven and altitude.

Peanut Butter Cookies:

Cream together 1 C Butter
                        1 1/4 C Sugar  
                        1 1/4 C Brown Sugar
                        3 Eggs
                        1 C Peanut Butter  
                        2 tsp. Vanilla

Mix in 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
           1/4 tsp Salt         
           2 1/4 C flour

Place balls of dough on a cookie sheet, do the fork thingy and bake @ 350 for 10 minutes (less for softer cookies)

While your cookies are cooling, mix up a batch of peanut butter cream cheese frosting! I actually didn't follow a recipe when I made mine, because like I said I thought I was coming up with something purely genius, so I just threw some stuff together to make cream cheese frosting and then added some peanut butter to it, but just in case you've never made cream cheese frosting before, this is a pretty basic recipe.

Mix together 8 oz softened cream cheese (I actually used low fat because that is what I had. Still yummy!)
                     1 Stick of softened butter
                     2 Cups Powdered Sugar 
                     1/2 tsp Vanilla
                     1/2 C Peanut Butter

Now you can grab two of those delightfully soft cookies, slather a little bit of heaven in between them and glory in your awesomeness, because trust me, your family will think you are awesome. My husband and kids were peanut butter cookied out after the first round, but couldn't get enough of these!

I still have not thought of a suitable name for them though. Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies just doesn't do them justice.


melissa said...

mmmm. I love peanut butter! Those do look good.

Anonymous said...

Sure would be nice to have some waiting for me when I arrive!!

Seth and Julie said...

I am mildly obsessed with peanut butter so I want one of these SO bad right now!

Jenn said...

Wow! These look amazing. I SO wish I was interested in food right now. Maybe once I'm feeling better I'll give them a try. Yummy!

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