Monday, June 20, 2011

How To Train Your Husband

Way back when I was newly married and without kids, I used to spend a little bit more time getting myself ready for church on Sundays. There was one particular Sunday when I had really put a lot of effort into the way I looked and in my opinion I looked pretty darn cute. I walked straight out of the bathroom and went into the living room where my husband was sitting to ask him "So, how do I look?"

His response, "You look fine."

Oh boy was I mad! We had a very lengthy discussion on the way to church about how fine does not mean the same thing as beautiful or even nice, which in his mind it did. And since that day he has not only never used the word fine to describe me, but he is always quick to tell me how great I look, especially if we are going out and he knows I've spent some time getting ready.

Fast forward to Saturday night. I am 30 weeks pregnant and we have just returned home from a nice graduation dinner for the residents in his program.

(this picture was actually taken Sunday after church, not Saturday night, but you get the idea)

As I was preparing to get ready for bed, my husband looked at me and said "Man, you really are huge already and you still have two months left!"

OK, I think I gave him the stare of death for about five seconds before asking "Did you seriously just use the word huge to describe me?"

After several seconds of fumbling around telling me that I'm still really skinny, he just meant my stomach is huge I stopped him. This time the discussion was very short. I told him simply that using the word huge to describe any part of my body at this point was not a good idea.

Less than 24 hours later we were sitting around the dinner table (As a family! All of us!) enjoying a nice father's day dinner when suddenly my charming six year old informed everyone "Mom is getting really fat!"

It took about .5 seconds for my husband to jump in with "Mom is NOT fat!"

Now if only I could train him to put his dirty clothes inside the basket and not on the floor in front of it! Although I think there is some sort of world wide husband rebellion that prevents that from being possible. I will take what I can get though, and what I have is pretty darn great!


Jenn said...

The dirty clothes thing...totally Chris. They are always on the floor next to the basket. I don't get it!
P.S. you are not fat and you look great. Cutest pregnant girl I know!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sally, I am sure Josh learned the "fine" word from his father!!

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