Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Favorite Things: Freedom Mop

If you've ever cut your husband's hair in your kitchen than you probably know how hard it is to clean up all those little pieces of cut hair. You might sweep the kitchen floor five times, but five days later you will still be sweeping up hair. It's a never ending battle.

Not long after I started cutting hair at home and dropping things on the floor only to pick them up covered in bits of multi colored hair I decided to invest in a Swiffer wet jet. At first I loved it. Even my regular mop couldn't pick up all those little pieces of hair my broom left behind. Then we replaced the tile in our kitchen and I started to notice a film left behind every time I mopped. I continued to use it though and buy the disposable pads, and the cleaning solution, and replace the batteries. Eventually the spray mechanism broke and I was ever so happy to throw the darn thing away.

Only once again we had those tricky little pieces of hair always hiding in the corners. Last week I broke down and went to the store to buy another Swiffer, only this time I came away with something SO much better.

The Libman Freedom Mop!
The cost was essentially the same as the Swiffer ($20). Only this mop has a reusable pad that you just throw in the wash and then stick back on. You can even buy a second cleaning pad for only a few dollars if you want to have two on hand. It has an empty container that you can fill with whatever type of cleaning solution you want. I love my all purpose cleaner recipe that I got from Here. It seriously costs pennies to make and works great. And finally, there are no batteries to change. You just squeeze the trigger on the handle like you would a spray bottle and out comes your cleaning solution. And it comes with a $5 mail in rebate if you ever remember to send those in!

Oh wait, I almost forgot my favorite feature. It's light and easy to use (no wringing out dirty water in the sink) so I can hand it to my kids and say "Here, go mop the floor!" And would you believe they actually argue over who's turn it is.



Amy said...

Awesome Sally! I have a swiffer wet jet and I love it/hate it. Sounds like this mop solves all of the things I don't like about my swiffer. I'm going to have to get myself one.

Heather@The Black's Best said...

I bought one of these after using my Swiffer for years and LOVE IT! I use vinegar and water in the tank for my wood floors.

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