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March Sharing Time {Week 4}

Okay, I'm back with another sharing time idea. I missed last week because I could not come up with anything! I did however come up with something simple for this week. As always I stick close to the outline and where possible use the scriptures.

March Sharing Time {Week 4}

There is Safety in Following The Prophet

For Junior Primary:


1. Print out THIS picture of a traffic light.
2. Cut out 3 circles, one in each of the following colors: red, green, yellow.
3. Write on the corresponding colored circle "stop", "slow", and "go".
4. Print out THIS article and prepare to read one of the two stories told or prepare your own story about how there is safety in following the prophet.

Start by displaying your traffic light and asking the children "what does it mean when a traffic light is green?" (tape green circle to light after they have answered). Repeat with each color.

Explain how traffic lights keep us safe. Relate this to how following the prophet keeps us safe.

Read the story. Ask the children how following the prophet helped keep the people safe.

Tell the children that following the prophet can keep us safe from harm and danger but can also keep us safe from sin.

On the chalkboard/whiteboard make two columns. Label one "Go" and the other "Stop". Ask the children to help you fill in the columns with things that we can do that follow the prophet and keep us safe ("go") and things that don't follow the prophet and lead to sin ("stop").

For example:

"Go" "Stop"

Read Scriptures Watch rated "R" movies

Bear your testimony that following the prophet will keep us safe.

*as a handout idea you could make small versions of the traffic light and glue them to a popsicle stick. Write on the popsicle stick "there is safety in following the prophet" and hand them out and the end of sharing time.

For Senior Primary:

Start by displaying your traffic light (already with the colored circles on it) and ask "what is this for?" Explain how the traffic light keeps the cars and drivers on the road safe just like following the prophet keeps us safe. He can tell us when it's okay to "go" and when we should "stop".

Divide the children into three or four groups and have each group look up on of the following sets of scriptures:
1. Noah (Genesis 6:12-22, 17:15-23) - People who followed Noah were saved on the ark. Those on dry land died.
2. Abinadi (Mosiah 12:1-8, 17:13-19, 19:20) - The people would not repent and eventually were destroyed.
3. Daniel (Daniel 6:1-23) - refused to stop praying but the lions were tamed and did not harm him.
4. Moses (Exodus 14:13-31) - Those who followed Moses were saved from Pharaoh and safely crossed the Red Sea.
5. Nephi (1 Nephi 1:12-13, 2:1-4) - Nephi and his family followed his father out of Jerusalem before it was destroyed.
Tell them to read the scriptures and look for how following the prophet kept the people safe. Give them time to discuss as groups and then have each group share with the primary what they learned.

If you have extra time do the columns activity mentioned above for junior primary.

Close with your testimony.


Britney and Kevin said...

Thank you for the helpful tips!

She Made It Crafts said...

Great post! Thanks for another great Sharing Time idea!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for senior primary. I would love to know which scriptures to use. I like senior primary having to use their scriptures.

Katie said...

Just found your site through Sugardoodle and I love your ideas! I am going to use them this week for Sharing time and can't thank you enough!

Camille said...

I love the ideas and I LOVE the handout idea. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

biu hokafonu said...

thank you so much for ur help,its does help me out in teaching kids n the ideas that u have.thanks

ashley said...

I love your ideas each week! I love that you always keep it simple, close to the lesson given to us in the manual and with scriptures included!
Thank you for sharing :)

Yolonda said...

Love this Idea!! Thank you so much for staying close to the lessons given in the manual!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate that you follow the lesson plan and just add to it! I also appreciate that you put your scripture references and links! This is sooooo helpful!

Telisha said...

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!!!!

Melissa said...

Once again, I'm impressed with ALL of these great LDS Blogs all about PRIMARY!! You're doing a fabulous job, The Best Me!! Keep up the great work! No doubt you LOVE the Gospel and helping others, and your Testimony shines throughout with your wonderful ideas for these precious children! Enjoy Conference next week! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! This is wonderful.

Tuck N Jules said...

I love how your ideas are simple, stick close with the outline and vary with junior and senior primary. Thanks!

tacy said...

Thank you for your tip! I forgot it was my turn for sharing time and wanted to find something that stuck to the lesson outline! Thank you SO much!

Heidi said...

Thank you.
This is perfect.

Anonymous said...

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