Monday, February 7, 2011

Ruffled Heart Tee

(My camera is still at the shop so, sorry again for the bad camera phone pictures!)

A couple weeks ago I went to Old Navy to buy my 8 year old another pair of jeans. This girl has already destroyed four pairs of pants and one pair of snow pants in four short months. The snow pants only took one month! I'm giving up all hope that she can ever wear pants that don't have holes in the knees. Anyway, while I was at Old Navy I saw THIS tee and thought it was cute, but immediately thought about how I could do it not only cuter, but cheaper. And with Valentines day only a week away, I have come up with something that is not only super cute, but super easy. I'm talking NO SEW, if you graduated Kindergarten you can do this, easy!

Here's what you need:

*Plain colored shirt (I wanted to use ones that my girls already had, but they were all covered in stains. Good thing Old Navy had them on sale for $2.50!)

*A yard to a yard and a half of trim or lace depending on the size of the shirt and how many layers you want the heart to have. (I got mine at Jo Ann's and I had a little bit left over from both of the shirts I made, but they will make cute hair accessories)

*Fabric glue

*Fray check

*Disappearing ink pen- optional

*Construction paper and scissors

Start by cutting out a basic heart in whatever size you want. Just remember it's going to get much bigger the more layers of trim you put around it so you might want to start small.

Trace it onto your shirt using a disappearing ink pen. You could use a regular pen as long as you completely cover it up with trim.

I did actually start out intending this to be a sewing project, but when I discovered that it worked just as well with the fabric glue, I abandoned my sewing machine altogether. You could sew the whole thing if you really want to, but I'm all about fast. Anyway, start by putting a dab of fray check on the end of your trim and glue or sew it down starting at the top of your heart.

Continue all the way around your heart. Add another dab of fray check to the second end and then tuck that end under before you glue it down so it has a more finished look.

Start again with your second layer using the outside edge of the first layer as your guide. I wanted to hide the stitching on the trim so I laid it just under the outside edge of my first layer.

Glue and glue some more!

And then proudly show your daughter her awesome new Valentines shirt!

I went with an opposite color scheme for my youngest daughter and the lace that I bought for hers was a huge pain! I thought it would be so cute because it was kind of sparkly, but it had elastic down the middle and it just didn't look right so I ended up folding it in half and sewing it together before I glued it down. I still think it turned out cute, but I would not recommend buying anything with elastic down the center or using a tee shirt that has pleats a the top. Another annoyance.

I grabbed a quick picture of her when she tried it on and wasn't planning on posting it, but I thought it might be a good idea for you too see what it actually looks like on. Just ignore our messy closet in the background.

See, So easy! It will take you an hour tops, and you still have a whole week to whip one up before the big day.

PS. For more fun craft ideas, check out THIS party and THIS party that I'm linking up to!


Jenn said...

I love it. And I definitly going to make them for my girls. Where did you get the pink trim? I like how it is ruffled.

Sally said...

Jenn, I got the pink trim and the white lace at JoAnn's in their ribbon by the yard section. I just went back and added that in the post.

The Teacher's Wife said...

Wow, that is SO cute. AND, I could totally do it! My six year old will LOVE it.

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