Monday, December 27, 2010

Letting go

We pulled into our driveway last night at 9:30 with all three children sleeping in horribly awkward positions. We carried them in to sleep away the rest of the night in their beds, and then quickly unloaded the rest of the car into one big pile in the living room. I took the most heavenly hot shower, and then without even caring if my hair was dried, ran to my bed and whispered sweetness into the sheets.

Now it's 9:00 in the morning and I'm sitting here thinking about that monstrous pile in the living room, the bags of travel snacks sitting on kitchen counter, the clean laundry half folded on the couch that was left abandoned in our rush to leave town, and watching my kids eat Christmas candy for breakfast. Like my Mom said to me recently "Sometimes by 8:00 I feel like there's not enough day left."

We were having a conversation about how even seemingly "normal" days can feel overwhelming. As soon as my feet hit the floor I'm bombarded by fifty things screaming "do me first." The lists are never ending and I feel like I've failed before I've even started because there is no way to get it all done.

"So don't worry about getting it all done" she said. Sometimes the laundry is not the most important part of the list and you just have to be OK with that.

Definitely easier said than done most of the time, but true. While I would like to have my house in spotless working order, our fridge stocked with food, and my family fed three healthy meals, it's just not going to happen today and I have to be OK with that. What doesn't get done today can be finished tomorrow.

So for right now, it's Christmas candy for breakfast, and you know what, I'm really OK with that!

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Jenn said...

Well, I don't know about my hips, but my mouth is certainly OK with candy for breakfast! :)

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