Monday, November 29, 2010

Baked Chicken Bacon Alfredo

If you asked me a month ago how I felt about cooking my answer would have been anything but positive. I'm not a bad cook, but I've never been to adventurous in the cooking department either.

Recently though my attitude has changed. While I still don't love cooking (probably never will) I find that I enjoy it a little more. Thanks to Our Best Bites I have discovered a whole new deliciousness to cooking. Is that even a word?! You know what I mean though.

The first recipe I tried is called Baked Chicken Bacon Alfredo and it was so amazing I told Chris I thought I was eating at Olive Garden. Seriously it was that good!

So head on over to Our Best Bites and get to cookin'! If you try something new let us know what you tried and what you think.

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