Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh! You're a Lefty!

In the LDS community we often talk about "Eternal Families" and "Families Can Be Together Forever." Though I value family more than anything in the world, some days it's the last thing I want to think about.
Yesterday was one of those days (at least the first half). I spent all morning listening to and trying to deal with the crying. It seemed like if one of my girls was happy the other one was crying. Sometimes (a lot of the time) both at the same time. After listening to the crying all morning I have to admit I was losing it a little and getting on edge. Trying to keep the girls entertained so I could do the other things that needed to be done I sat Ava up to the table to paint. Which she loved.
Then she spilled the dirty cup of water that I had been letting her use to wet her paints all over the table, herself, the chair, and the floor. Needless to say I had reached the end of my patience and she got in trouble. After a lot more tears and me repeatedly saying "You have to be more careful!" and "Don't spill the water or you won't be able to paint" I set her back up to the table so she could keep painting. As I set the paints, paintbrush, and water cup up for her and watched her reach awkwardly for the supplies I realized something important. Ava is left-handed. I put the paints and things on her right side. She was reaching awkwardly because she was reaching with her left hand to get the paint and water on her right. Which is why she spilled the water to begin with!
The realization came as an "ah-hah" moment and I was able to quickly rectify the situation (an apology included). It got me thinking though. The water spill could have been easily avoided had I been more aware of Ava and her needs. And the question became "how many times have I been upset with her over something that was really my fault, or could have been avoided had I been more thoughtful?"
I am now more aware than ever that she is a lefty. There will be many things in life that will be more difficult for me to teach her because of this difference between us. Hopeful I will be able to use those experiences to make us closer. Not push us apart.
The second half of the day was better and of course I am ever grateful that "Families Can Be Together Forever."


Sally said...

I read this the othe day quickly but didn't have time to comment. Then yesterday while Macy was having one of her bazillion screaming fits of the day I thought about it and kept reminding myself that she was woken up extremely early and didn't get a nap. All things out of her control and it really helped me stay calm. So yes, today I am grateful that families can be together forever. Yesterday during the screaming maybe not so much, but definitely today, yes!

Amy said...

Don't you feel so bad when things like this happen? Something similar happened the other day and I just felt terrible! He got yelled at and in trouble because I was an idiot! I just pray and pray that I don't screw up my kid.

Meghan said...

Caleb's a lefty too! :)

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